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heres a cd cover im doing for my typography class at course, big assinment due in soon
subject is ISTD 21 anniversary
hope to catch up with all as soon as things cool down

thanks to for her pic ENJOY
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Hey there!

I've featured you in a news article here: [link]

Hope you don't mind
:heart: :hug:

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thats pretty kool...

what software did you use??!!!
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Damn. This looks really cool. I like how the text looks and how you combined the image with the text. It looks great!
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I like it!
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interesting - it now looks like someone reaching for an S.T.D. - reminds me of The Smiths song Frankly Mr Shankly.

"I want to live and I want to love
I want to catch something that I can be ashamed of. "

If you change those letters - this comment will make no sense at all.
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thanks im glad this one is better than the last one
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you're welcome. They both worked for me as works of art, although I still maintain they don't say an awful lot about typography as such, without getting into artistic psuedo babble "the person is reaching for the meaning behind the form of the letters", or from this you could suggest the interperatation we put on form of the letters is a very personal thing, but I would suggest that's somewhat incorrect and that actualy there is a group 'consiousness' behind our reading of such forms, which this would be missing, or at least, which I can't see in it.

There's still no contention and nothing to suggest that meaning can/will be taken from the form of the letters - which is what I understand typography to be about.

Having said that, all my dictionary says about typography is it's the art of printing with movable type. For some reason I understand the word to mean significantly more than that, but then heh, I suppose it depends what they mean by 'art' :)
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wow... great manip. i wouldn't even know how to begin something like that!!! wonderful job!
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thankyou very much for ur kind words
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Very original concept, I can think of lots of ways to vary this for different CD's. Interesting! Wicked. :)
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thanks buddy if you have any ways for improvement on this image please feel free to critic
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wow, it is amazing to see how your mind works out of the usual.
this rawks! :clap:
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thanks very much
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Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:
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excellent work,looks similar to the other one, wonderful job anyhow :) i like it alot :D :+fav:
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thanks man but i just updated the otherone, thanks heaps for the fav as well
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very very cool!!
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That’s some killer typos :laughing: (sorry, bad pun :roll:) I like the concept but the 3D is missing some shadows :o You have shadows on the right reflecting on the wall but none on her. Fixing that would make it :#1: Also I can’t tell if she is falling apart or coming together :confused: (But I think that would be up to ones personal perspective on if the glass if ½ empty or full.) I’d say coming together but I’m more of an optimist.
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yeah thanks ithas changed since i posted it, it looks more 3d now ill post it soon, thanks for ur geat critisism :handshake:
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This one fits better :nod: Great shadows and depth to it :w00t:
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thanks but im still not happy with it :)
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We are always our hardest critic :nod:
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