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State flag of Spain in an alternate history where the Falange under Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera rises to power in Spain. The Falangists establish a single-party state in Spain. The reason The flag would be both the flag of the state and the flag of the Falange. Spain seeks to annex Portugal into it and create living space like France has done in Northern Africa, what Italy has done in Eastern Europe and Northern Africa, and what Germany has done in Eastern Europe and Central Africa (in the alternate history).

Unlike the real history where Primo de Rivera dies, in this alternate history he lives and his Falangist regime is not as conservative as Franco's and is more radical like the Fascist regime in Italy and National Socialist regime in Germany (as in real history historians have said that Primo de Rivera was more radical and clearly emulating fascism while Francisco Franco was far more conservative).

Note: I use a standard palette of shades of colours for the flag designs. Contrary to the images of flags depicted on Wikipedia, I do not follow the "official" shades of colours claimed by governments as well as alternate history flags based on flags of existing countries. The problem is that it commonly results in bizarre shading of a flag if they are taken literally - in practice such "official" colour shades are almost never applied and standard reds, blues, etc, are used.
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Oh but I still like this type of Spain.