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The Towers

A while ago I drew a map for a client: The Mappening by AugustinasRaginskis
I was commissioned again to draw a larger version of one of the cities from that map and here it is.
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Est-ce un Arc de Triomphe?
Naarok0fKor's avatar
Looks better than Hogwarth...
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nice style, cool stuff
upyrica's avatar
Brilliant detail as always.
HydromelKing's avatar
Splendid work on this city ! :)
RealEnough's avatar
I would love to pull in to that port :D what a nice path into the mainland. Really though, your architecture is always so cool <3
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
Thanks. I had drawn only a small icon of these towers on the first map without knowing that I will have to draw a large version of it later. It was a bit challenging to keep it close to the layout of the small icon, but also interesting
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I think that gives you some freedom to interpret your own, smaller work. ;D Can't wait to see more~
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Well that's certainly a fine tower castle if I ever saw one (The Dome in the back almost reminds me of the Rome Colosseum to a lesser extent).

I do hope you have a wonderful week (Keep up the good work) and God bless you. 
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Excites my mind!
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Wow I love it!
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Simply gorgeous 
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