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Sky Serpents

This is a little drawing I made in my spare time for funzies and giggles. 

I have been drawing characters recently because I want to get batter at them and use those skills when I work on my little game projects. Also I got inspired to do more drawing, line based work, as opposed to painting by looking at some awesome manga art recently. I don't care about emulating the standard anime/manga drawing style, just seems boring to me and I don't like doing fanarty stuff, but there is so much manga that there just have to be some masters of graphic art out there and I keep stumbling into some of them. I mean god damn, even if you have no interest in manga at all, just try googling the art from series like Battle Angel Alita, Innocent, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Vagabond, Ultra Heaven, Air Gear, Jabberwocky and Berserk of course. Those people know what they are doing. Any other manga fans besides me here?

Other than that there isn't much of a story behind these characters. I just picked a theme for designs and went with it and that theme was horns and snakes, cause why not. Snakes are cute, fight me. I did entirely redraw this thing from scratch because I was not happy with the first attempt which was very different. I was very undecided on whether I want to drop or finish the first version so I ended up drawing all of it and still not liking it, jokes on me. I have a suspicion a lot of that flipfloping on my part was because I had a serious case of jet lag while finishing it of and I was in Kazackstan 5000 kilometers away from my home for no good reason at the time. Not that that detail matters, but it seems like amusing circumstances when I think about it.

I didn't plan for the final result to be so chill and relaxed, but I like the effect.

Check out the process gif if you want to see the first version and how I did this:…

Also check out my games!!! This is a link to my second attempt, I did absolutely everything, it's on google play(it's a game for android phones):…
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There is just so much detail here.  I really like how this came out and I kinda like the chill mood here too :D
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Thanks. I didn't plan the chillness from the beginning, but at some point it started turning that way and I liked it. A couple lines in the face can make all the difference
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First off: Snakes are super cute, no contest. Secondly, this piece has so much heart, I really love it! The addition of prominent lineart makes it very different from your other projects, but the aesthetic with the hatching and cross-hatching to reveal form looks great, and it reminds me of a cool blend between the 1800's and Japanese influences.
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Glad someone agrees with me on the snake thing :)

Thanks. I like crosshatching and such, but it's difficult to pull off, especially with color involved so I have been avoiding it. I feel like I figured out a few things while working on both versions of this drawing.
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Yeah, I feel you on the crosshatching. I haven't done it in quite a while myself because I didn't know how to splice painting and crosshatching either. Cool to see attempts like this though, I can learn something too.
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i used to do quite a lot of crosshatching while I was studying figure drawing and such in school, but that was so long ago and I wasn't that good at drawing in general that I pretty much have to relearn everything. But it's fun, so all's good
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wow this artwork really captures attention and draws your eyes around the page, very nice :D p.s. thanks for the fav
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At first glance, I didn't quite notice how strange everything was. I would personally love to see a setting with highly surreal elements in play.
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Thanks. Well I have started working on a game which will be fairly surreal and strange. Not saying it will be done this century, because it's quite a bit more complicated than my first two attempts, but it will be done eventually
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Interesting! What kind of game are you planning for it to be? Platformer? RPG?
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
More like a puzzle type of thing, it will involve a ton of various artwork. I am making it all myself, so I need to stick to types of games that are actually possible to make by one person. Rpgs are insane
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This is very true. Things like that take around a year to complete minimum. I wish you luck in your endeavors!
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You must have a lot of patience to do all that cross-hatching. It looks really good! I also like how the "black" bits are more purple-y.
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Thanks. Well in my sort of work you need a lot of patience, I do a lot of work that is way more time consuming than this. Also I like crosshatching and am trying to learn to do it well
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So detailed.. cool!
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I love it! your style is perfect!
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Thanks. I did struggle with lineart on this one a lot, I am seemingly more of a painter at this point
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Nicely rendered piece of work.
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Wonderful work !
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very unique an original, i hope you will continue to mine this lode
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