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Music Fallen form the Sky

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UPDATE: The game is complete and available for free on…

Will the great celestial instrument that fell from the sky enlighten the entire earth with it's rhythms? Will it destroy civilizations with it's unbearable sound? Only time will tell.

This is another illustration that will be used in a personal puzzle game project of mine.

I wasn't quite happy with the last environmental painting I did, I think it lacked the sense of dept among other things. I wanted to try again and also I needed something music themed for the game and just like that, this was born. It always takes me a while until I can look back and evaluate my own past work with fresh eyes, but for now at least I am happier with this one.

And this is a gif of how I painted it:…
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This piece is a simple beautiful! I love its atmosphere!

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Fantastic creation with so much mystery, very inspiring too! :clap:

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This is gorgeous! I love the feel of enormity in the landscape.

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What a unique image!

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I love your maps but these landscapes you've been doin recently are fuckin amazin :D

Thanks for the gif as well, always helpful!

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Your enviromental works are fantastic holy heck

I love the brushwork, I love the colors, I love the sense of depth and scale, I love how well it's all tied together


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Thanks a lot. I often struggle a fair bit with showing depth in these sort of paintings. I specifically paid a lot of attention to that this time and I'm happier with the result

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Beautiful rendering style! It feels very tactile!
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your surrealist works are fantastic. how do you come up with them? do you reference specific artists?

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Thanks. I do use various references, but usually real world examples to try to study how things look. I rarely reference specific artists. It varies, but for the ideas I often just smash a couple things I want to draw and see if I can come up with something interesting. In this case I wanted to include a music instrument in some manner( because of in game story reasons) and I wanted to paint some environmental art. Eventually I came up with this image.

I also have just a list of ideas I want to work on sooner or later. This sort of artwork takes a while to make, so I often come up with stuff that I keep on the backburner until it spends enough time in my head to develop into something I want to make or until I forget about it. Hope that makes sense

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Very nice~~~<3

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I love this kind of art.

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This is so bizarre. And I kinda imagine how it would look on the wall, in the frame.

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I hope it didn't crush some unfortunate town underneath it...

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It's beautiful work! ^^

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