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Edenbaerrow Map

Here is another map I made for a client. There really seems to be a surprising number of people who want maps to made for commercial or personal projects, I didn't expect that when I drew my first map a couple years ago.

Here are some more of my maps:

Also check out my games!!! This is a link to my second attempt, I did absolutely everything, even the coding(somehow). It's on google play(it's a game for android phones):…
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What an impressive map!! This is so cool!
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This, is gorgeous! Wow! If I ever manage to publish a fantasy story this is the kind of map I’d love to have at the start of the book. 
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I have included this amazing artwork in the new feature for February 2019 on the front of the :icondigitaldelights: journal. Please :+fav: the journal so that more members may see your art, and thank you for being a member.:heart:
Arrog-Ent-Alien's avatar
This is the kind of thing I'd like to produce someday. Great work!
GuinnevereSophie's avatar
This is beautiful! I really love the colours and the amount of details, great job :D
Amenthera's avatar
Woah I never thought of drawing my own maps but this looks absolutely astonishing! So pretty!!
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
Thanks. I kinda stumbled on this whole map thing by accident myself
Amenthera's avatar
Im very inspired by your art and you're welcome ^^
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All of your maps are so beautiful!
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Featured Deviation Merit Badge by Emerald-Thrakena  congratulations :)
nilwilnil's avatar
There might be a job for you in the "Job Offers" forum. 
The post was looking for a cartographer, not sure on the details. 
I don't make many maps so didn't bother reading the post. 
Good luck!
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
Thanks for the advise. I actually peruse the forum from time to time for some rare gems, so I probably saw it( most of them aren't great though).
nilwilnil's avatar
No kiddin, $50 for 5 days work. I want $500! 
Even worse, 50 points, lol. 
Where do you suggest looking for work?

The cartographer gig was pretty recent I think. 
But like I said, I didn't really look at it, maybe it was for 50 points :]
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
Yup, sounds about average post, I've seen pretty ridiculous stuff out there, but once in a while something decent pops up.

No idea. I'm pretty lucky to have a decent client base at this point, so most of my comissions are either returning clients or people who found me. That takes time of course
nilwilnil's avatar
Well, I'm happy for you then. I can see why clients seek you out. 
I hope to be happy for myself soon enough! 
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
Thanks. Do you take some commissions on the side or are you a full time freelancer as well?
nilwilnil's avatar
I take whatever I can get within reason. 
I'm having a hard time getting regular commissions. 
I'm having a hard time getting any commissions. 

What's the difference between commissions and freelancing? 
I thought they were one in the same. 
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
yeah, geting comissions is often pretty hard.

Mostly the same, I kinda use it as synonims. Just wanted to ask if it's your main thing or just something on the side, though technically I think you only count as a freelance if you are registered for it and pay the taxes( fun times)
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Wonderful work on this map ! :)
dlfurman's avatar
Now that is....awesome!
Too cool!

JordanWThatcher's avatar
I've always loved maps in games. Looking at maps, drawing maps, map map map. This looks great, liking all the little details especially the little natural phenomena like the Hurricane!
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
Thanks. I was quite glad with how the huricane turned out myself. I needed to include something similar in a couple maps I did before and it just didn't seem to look that good
EshiSnu's avatar
Wonderful colours used. You have a really good understanding of texture and colour use. Really well done.
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