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All of the Colors

So this another map I painted for a client a few months ago. I was requested not to mention any details about the project for now, but I will update on that sooner or later.

Heroes & Gods: The Master of Dreams

Also check out my games!!! This is a link to my second attempt, I did absolutely everything, even the coding(somehow). It's on google play(it's a game for android phones):…
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Very fitting name - I love how colorful and bright it all is. Wish more fantasy was like that!

doiron12's avatar
You have some major skills!
TwinBeastC's avatar
What a cool and fun map!
Tranquil-R's avatar
the map looks so good.
javilustra's avatar
your maps are amazing ;) full of details 
Peace-Lightborn's avatar
Looks awesome! :) I like that it kind of has a different seasonal or elemental vibe for each of the four corners.
ZackWriter23's avatar
reminds me of the map from Zelda Four Swords Adventure.
sphelon8565's avatar
Thats a spectacular detailed map you made there, very brilliant! :love:
ThreeGivenNames's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous work.
BluePhoenix0702's avatar
My lord! Someone put this as a game map. Put in Skyrim, Legend of Zelda, anything!

The colors and details are so smooth here. I can only imagine how long it took you to make this!I think I've fainted.  
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar
Thanks. A few good work days, if I worked only on this one thing at the time. In reality it took a few weeks
BluePhoenix0702's avatar
Yeah, the pain-staking time really shows. It's always nice to take your time on your work and let the final product show the effort.
You have SERIOUS dedication!
Keep up the phenomenal work!
ysasi's avatar
The color control here is incredible!
Rockenstein96's avatar
Yeah that looks about right for Sydney lol.
Starcave's avatar
Great! :D

I really have to ask how you went about doing that storm structure top right?
AugustinasRaginskis's avatar

Well there really isn't much to say, I painted the storm the same way I painted everything else, no special techniques. The only thing a bit different is that I added a few splotches with a spray brush to get a dust effect, but that's it
SulaimanDoodle's avatar
Awesome map, very colourful world there.
Spiritswriter123's avatar
Man, that south-western region really likes their Sydney Opera Houses, don't they?
Velysi's avatar
Cracking up at this! :XD:
Cestarian's avatar
that's a cool map.
SickJoe's avatar
You did a really good job using a lot of different vibrant colors and still making it look coherent. All the water effects are rad as well~
Hardwing's avatar

It kinda reminds me of the north of Westeros in Game of Thrones.
goPandaawake's avatar
Just amazing, how long did it take to do?
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