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Dream Mechanic is a little puzzle game I made. It's available for windows, for free: In this game you are a Dream Mechanic and your job is fixing broken dreams. You have been called to a tiny secluded town in the mountains where people's dreams have gone so far out of control that they started affecting real life. Each dream is a puzzle and that's where you can show of your skills and help some people. After approximately two million years the game is complete. The game contains you, the Dream Mechanic: 21 strange characters to interact with, solve their dreams and maybe even find out what is happening in this town: Together with the characters come 21 dream puzzles ranging from ultra easy to nightmarish: The town contains 5 areas, 4 of which you will unlock by solving the dream puzzles. Almost everything in the town is interactable and there might even be some secrets to discover: Also there is a dream
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The game is now on This is a puzzle game and it is full of weird characters and a bunch of weird ideas and it has been working very nicely as a depository for my insane ramblings. In it your main duty is to fix the mutated dreams of inhabitants of a small secluded town. I need to mention that the game is not complete, this is still just a demo, or a beta or how you want to call it. However, it is slowly but surely getting there, things are finally starting to really shape up. I am making this game in my free time just for funzies, the primary reason for it is just to get better at art and to have fun. I designed the game as I did largely because I wanted a project that would challenge me by requiring all sorts of high quality artwork. However, I would really like if a lot of people tried it and gave me some pointers where it could be improved. People have been very helpful with previous versions of this and I think the game is
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In This a game I'm working on in my free time called Dream Mechanic and I need to mention first that this little puzzle game of mine is still nowhere close to being finished. However, it is fully playable, most of the main features work( I hope) and a lot has been added since the first demo I shared months ago. Above is just a simple Dropbox link with the game files and no viruses, I promise. You can always trust a random guy on the internet about these things. If you download all the files you should be able to play the game without issues. And I would really like if you
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Thank you for the favorite !! I appreciate it . ^^

Thank you for the favorite!


Thank you for the fav!

thanks for all the faves

Thank you so much for the fav! 💜

Thank you so much for the favorite!

Love the the way you draw maps!!