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Kiraken: Episode 4
Episode 004: Poster Child
"Hello, I'm Joden Listirra and welcome back to Kiraken Today."
"Why does it seem like this is the only show we watch?" asked Scharr.
"Maybe it is," Neret replied.
"We have a new development this morning in a story we've been tracking for several days. Members of a small organization called Kirakenians for Direct Democracy have been staging a demonstration in front of the Parliament building since Monday. Since then, they have refused requests to be interviewed, but it now appears that one of them is prepared to make a statement to reporters. We'll take you there now."
The image of the Parliament building appeared on the screen. There was a cluster of tents set up directly in front of the building. The camera panned over to a small crowd of reporters gathered around a young man with dark hair and a defiant look on his face. "Hello, I'm Zafir Taji, member of Kirakenians for Direct Democracy."
His look intensified. "I'm sure you all want to know why
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Kiraken: Episode 3
Episode 003: All News, All The Time
President Neret Naluk sat quietly at his desk in his office. He gazed intently at the phone while tapping a pencil against the smooth wood of his desk. He stayed that way, silent and still except for his frenzied pencil tapping, for maybe 30 seconds. At that time, he let out a sigh, dropped the pencil abruptly, and grabbed the open phone book on the corner of his desk, sliding it towards him. He barely glanced at the number before tapping it into the phone.
An answer came after a couple of rings. "Coalition for Morals and Modesty headquarters, how may I direct your call?" The voice was male, monotonous, and uninterested.
Naluk cleared his throat. "Ah yes, Calira Rholius, please."
"Yeah, I'll connect you with her secretary."
"Thank-" Naluk tried to say, but the receptionist had already hung up. "You." He repeated his request, somewhat more plaintive now.
"I'm sorry, but she's not in her office at the moment. Would you like to leave a message fo
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Kiraken: Episode 2
Episode 002: Fallout
"Um, hey Prez?"
"Yes," President Neret Naluk replied warily. Anything that made Vice President Kelardis hesitant had to be bad news for Naluk.
"You haven't, uh, looked out of your window lately, have you?"
Naluk began to rise slowly out of his chair. "No... why?"
Scharr Kelardis took a deep breath and clapped his hands together. "Well, you better have a look."
President Naluk walked around his desk and over to the lone window of his office. This did not take long since, truth be told, his office was rather small. Naluk may have technically been Head of State of the People's Republic of Kiraken, but this did not seem to entitle him to a large or even moderately sized office. Not that this particularly bothered him, mind you. Anyway, being the perfunctorily appointed bureaucrat he was, he did not usually have interesting and/or exciting things happen to him, which was why he was very surprised when he looked out of the window. "Scharr, there are naked people d
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Kiraken: Episode 1
Episode 001: The Glamourous Life
Could open that window, go over on the ledge, maybe climb down the tree there, mused President Neret Naluk. Naluk planned his escape maybe eight times a day, but of course he never acted on it. Not that he didn't enjoy being the President, it had always been a childhood dream of his to be in the government, but it seemed like if he was at work any amount of time, his mind naturally drifted toward thoughts of escape. This time of day was the worst of all. The Parliament would have adjourned for the day a short time ago and someone would be in shortly to inform him of their decisions. They were remarkably efficient, fine examples of the Kirakenian penchant for impatience, as the Vice President liked to say, he was sure they'd have a few distressing resolutions for him to enact.
Just then, the door to his office opened and a familiar voice announced, "Got some good ones for you today!"
Oh no, not again. Naluk slowly spun his chair arou
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Pumpkin Hill 6 by Aughadan Pumpkin Hill 6 :iconaughadan:Aughadan 0 1 Pumpkin Hill 8 by Aughadan Pumpkin Hill 8 :iconaughadan:Aughadan 0 4 Pumpkin Hill 4 by Aughadan Pumpkin Hill 4 :iconaughadan:Aughadan 0 0 Grapes 3 by Aughadan Grapes 3 :iconaughadan:Aughadan 0 0 Red Flowers by Aughadan Red Flowers :iconaughadan:Aughadan 0 0

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I'm still here, I'm just moody and scanner-challenged.  I went camping all month and tried to write as much as possible.  I experimented a little with Conté crayon, also.  It didn't really come out well, but I'm still getting the hang of it.

I'm going to post some of my writing.  I'm starting with my main story Kiraken.  I think it gets better as it goes on.  I'll post the next few episodes tomorrow.


United States
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