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My name is Augen (pronounced ow-ghen; in German it means "eyes.")

With your eyes you perceive the world and can see the beauty around you. And there is a lot of beauty in this world. It is sometimes easy to forget how much beauty there is around us. I choose to bring it into focus; highlight it - accentuate its exquisite detail.

How we perceive our environment reveals the condition of our spirit. And seeing a landscape through a photograph - through another's eyes - shares the condition of their spirit. If it is inspiring to you it imparts strength and conditions the spirit in you too.

In art, the process ultimately determines the quality of the result. And it seems that the more difficult the process, the greater the quality. In good art, there are no short-cuts, nothing easy ever achieved greatness.

So I shoot with film as my primary medium, not because it is more work, but because the digital world, for all it's convenience and ease, quantizes our delectably analog world, slicing it into byte-sized chunks, and sucking it's soul into a machine akin to a meat grinder, turning it into eye candy, visual fast food, as malnourishing to a soul as McBurgers are to the American populace.

Since going to film, my digital camera's primary role is now "expensive light meter."

But I must admit, it really does make an excellent light meter.

In visual mediums, symbolism is the language the artist uses to communicate his message. In spiritual realms, the symbolism of the process - how you perform a task - the materials you choose, how you apply them, and the intent you infuse, matters more than the outcome itself. Because by choosing the proper path, you have already chosen the outcome. You must only stay the course to achieve it. So is it significant then that in choosing to process with film, one takes a negative and turns it into a positive? I think that it is. For is this not like what life is really all about?

"You don't take a photograph, you make it." ~Ansel Adams


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Well that is a totally different kettle of fish! lol sorry I guess i had the wrong concept of stock - i was thinking this was a finished work, but now I see what you are doing. (face-palm)
The Ambush-Gothic Stock I
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I like the imagination; the concept is good, model and costume are good. I think more dramatic lighting would have helped bring out the subject and add mood. Technically the shot is fine. Looking through your work, the one thing in my opinion that could improve this picture and them all is to capture the model at a moment when she has forgotten she is modeling, in a moment when she is no longer consciously posing - in other words to capture the model herself, and not the scene you have set up. In my own mind, I don't take pictures of models, I take picture of people. The difference is in my mind, they are not there with me, I am there with them, to capture them, their emotions, their weaknesses, their strengths. The difference shows in the final result.
The Ambush-Gothic Stock I
Yes, I have uploaded a 10622 X 3642 pixel 300 dpi version, so that is 24 x 70 inches at 150 dpi which is great for a dreamy landscape image like this one.
A New Dawn
I have sent you a private message. Thank-you for your interest. 
Panoramic Manhattan with Nightfall
The best is to order it directly through me, I have them printed on metal using a huge 50-ton German dye-sublimation printer - the quality is outstanding, with a mirror-like finish. I get many compliments on the process. Please private message me for more details. The canvas versions on Deviant Art are not wide enough to print this image at its original aspect ratio so DA clips them to make them fit - and that is usually not what you want.
Panoramic Manhattan with Nightfall