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Where does creativity come from? A nice cup of coffee? Tea? A conversation? A long walk in the rain? From doing nothing? Or doing too much? Does it come because of a very livid dream you had last night? Can you find it in music? Company? Loneliness? In movies? Or even in art? Does it hide in nature?

There are so much sources but not everything works with every brain. You've got to find the right one in the right moment. For me it's always a combination of two or three things I listed above.

Not so long ago I read that when artists read or see creativity of other artists it stimulates their own creativity. The same thing happens when you hear/read something about successful people, it makes you more ambitous.

Maybe it's true what I read, maybe not. Maybe sometimes it helps to compete with other artits, maybe it is just depressing to see how much that fellow artist succeeds while you struggle with every word.

Maybe it's all about the right timing and the right balance. Like always in life.