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As I am starting to revamp my skills on digital art, all new and incoming orders are on HOLD. All the people whom have made orders and agreements for projects will still maintain their spots and have their orders done as previously agreed upon, but any new/incoming orders will be accepted only based on my digression. I will be very busy with a new class, a full time job, and my current commissions, so if I don't accept your order right away you will be placed on the Wait List.

Additionally, my available commissions will change as I progress and learn new skills over the next couple months. People with current orders will maintain the original agreed upon styles and prices; however, they will have the option to change to a newer offer and still maintain their spot on the commission roster. If they/you decide to change to a newer offered style then they/you will lose the original option(s) for both style and price.

Help support what I do! <3
Buy Me a Coffee at

:bulletpink: :rose: :bulletpink:For now, commissions are open!!
Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru

This is a way for my commission orders to keep updated past the specific notes =)
Just if anyone is curious, My prices are here:
2019 Commission Prices by Auffallend

I open 10 slots for commissions at a time and start/ complete as they are ordered and paid for.
There is a waiting list if all 10 slots fill up but the wait time can be excessive depending on the orders.

:bulletblack: = not started yet
:star: = sketch started
:bulletblack::star: = sketch finished but 1st half NOT paid for
:star::star: = sketch approved and 1st half paid for
:star::star::star: = lines done
:star::star::star::star: = colors in progress
:bulletblack::star::star::star::star: = finished but 2nd half NOT paid for
:star::star::star::star::star: = FINISHED! <3

:bulletblue: Current Orders:

1) Sleeve Tattoo design - Christy - Local Order :star:
2) Twitch Icon - Ziek (local order) :star:

3) Twitch Logo - lindseykatelyn :bulletblack:

4) reserved for :icondemongoddessslayer: :bulletblack:

5) reserved for :icondemongoddessslayer: :bulletblack:

6) Pokemon binder design - :iconrusfield: :bulletblack:

7) :iconquistain: - CHARACTER REDESIGN prize





:bulletpink: 1)

:bulletpink: 2)

:bulletpink: 3)

:bulletpink: 4)

The people in this list have not returned contact for an excess of 1 week. In order to keep commissions running smoothly they are being removed from active slots.
People on this list will remain here for no more than 2 weeks from the day they are placed in it.
If contact is returned within the two weeks, they will be added to available open slots.
If contact is not made within the two week, they will be removed from the commission list entirely.
Thank you to all those that entered this contest!!!

All the entries were great! All the designs and redesign ideas sounded like they could be a lot of fun, but there was one that really stood out to me.
The initial design was very basic and the redesign idea seemed like it would be the most fun and a challenge to boot since it isn't one I have ever done before!

So no more wait, the winner of the Re-imagine Challenge contest iiisssssss..........




:iconquistain: !!!!!

" 11828654 9HzH4Y03GEzWIvd by Quistain
/ He also has a redesign in the linked profile, and while I do like it, I also still want to experiment with his design and lore? So I'd love to see another artist's interpretation of it!

/ Ire is his hero name, but since he's generally geared to be a BNHA OC, his real name is Shou and he's training to be a hero! He's very chill and friendly, but has a mischievous side so he might do pranks or isn't against burning things randomly if he wants to or he feels like someone deserves it. He's rather young, and doesn't have a lot of direction yet other than heroes are a lucrative business and it seems really cool to get into, but maybe he'll grow up some as he goes through training?

/ For his redesign, while not as complicated-looking as Ouroborus, I wanted him to be a BNHA OC or generally a superhero/ability type OC. I wanted him to keep the vents on his head, but I wanted them to be bigger somehow? Though I'm not sure if I want him to have vents anywhere else, or maybe just him having smoke coming out from his hands since that's where the heat generally concentrates. What I really wanted for him was to have a more suitable hero outfit! The smoke doesn't have to stay purple, by the way, but it would be really cool to get him in a costume that is able to amplify/control/extend his abilities, which are mostly close ranged and come in bursts!"


With a total of 17 entries and the first milestone hit, :iconquistain: will get their character drawn in a Full Body/Flat colored format!

Here is how the last little bit will work...
:iconquistain: will be placed in the most recent open Commission spot and will be worked on in my free time along side my commission works. It has a sort of "priority" so it will be done along the same time frame as already paid works (1-2 weeks)
Then I will submit it when it's all done!


Hello my darlings!

So I am thrilled about how this year is going for me...Things have been looking up and up in my art journey,my commissions are going very well and as such I would like to give back to people in a fun way!
I primarily work in character art commissions, but as such, commissioned character art is often very static in poses and clothing design... While all the characters I work with are indeed fun, I am aching for a serious challenge!
To fulfill that, I am holding a little contest!

Welcome to the Re-imagine Challenge CONTEST!

:star: HOW TO JOIN :star:

The rules are very simple. There are literally only a few simple steps and you're entered!

:bulletblue: 1) Pick one of YOUR original characters that you would love to have redesigned

:bulletblue: 2) Comment on this journal ( and favorite it please ) with a link/thumb to that character, and provide no more than a 1 paragraph (5 sentence max) debrief of the character's backstory, traits and personality.
I DO NOT NEED THE LIFE STORY!! All I need is to know about the character's persona!

:bulletblue: 3) Add no more than 2 more paragraphs (5 sentence max each) of how you imagine this character to be redesigned! This includes armor, clothes, body mods, etc!
If you have a really dynamic pose or "theme song" that makes you think of this character, include it!! These will help bring your character to life and make them more fun and interesting to me!
You MUST provide some sort of redesign ideas... Keeping a character "the same" is not acceptable for this contest requirements. This is NOT a character fan art contest... It's to complete a character redesign people have in mind

:bulletblue: 4) Make a journal sharing this Contest! Share the link in your entry comment to the journal you made! The more you spread this around, the better the prize will be!

That's it!

(Please note, anyone who does not follow the rules will NOT be allowed to enter... Each person has 2 tries... If they do not follow all steps by the 3rd try they will be banned from the contest)

The person who adds the most challenging and interesting option will be the winner!<
All contestants will be added to the bottom of this journal. Be sure to read the other entries to get a feel for the competition!

:trophy: The winner will get their redesigned description drawn by me in color!

Each person may enter up to 3 DIFFERENT Characters!

ANY type of character is accepted! Male, Female, Furry, Futanari, Animal, Mecha, AAANNYYTTHHIINNNGGG!!!!
The only BIG specification, is that you have some sort of image depicting the character already. This is  a REDESIGN, NOT a "create an existing design based on text" challenge....

Now a little twist...

The type of prize will depend on the # of entries!

  • :star: As a start, the winner (no matter how many entries) will get a waist up, FLAT colored picture of their character! (NOT available by commission!!)
An example of flats if you aren't sure what I mean:
Ravenna - Demi-Fae CLOSED SPECIES by Auffallend

  • :star::star: If there are 15 entries, The winner will get a full body flat colored! (NOT available by commission!!)

  • :star::star::star: If there are 25 entries, the winner will get the Waist up with my Style1 Shading (A $25 valued commission!!)!!
Examples of my Style1 shading:
Ziek Commission by Auffallend Fan Shi COMMISSION by Auffallend

  • :star::star::star::star: If there are 50 entries, there will be a FIRST and Second place!!
:trophy: FIRST PLACE will get a FULL BODY Style1 Shade! (A $30 valued commission!!)
:trophy: :trophy: SECOND PLACE will get a flat colored Waist up! (NOT AVAILABLE by commission!!)

  • :star::star::star::star::star: If there are (gasp) 100 entries... There will be 3 places!!!
:trophy: FIRST PLACE will get a full character page! This includes a front and back of the character, a bust all in flat colors and a color swatch of the character! (A $65 valued commission!!)
A Style2 coloring of the character, full body (no bg) (A $60 valued commission!!)
Commission - DemonGoddessSlayer - by Auffallend Commission for rcNovaXII by Auffallend Nekolorful by Auffallend
:trophy: :trophy:SECOND PLACE will get a full body flat color! (NOT AVAILABLE by commission!!)
:trophy: :trophy: :trophy:THIRD PLACE will get a flat colored Waist up! (NOT AVAILABLE by commission!!)


The deadline to enter will be 4/12/2019 (Friday, April 12, 2019) at 0700 hours PST

After the deadline hits, I will take a couple days to review all entries and make a decision!


FIRST MILESTONE HIT!!! The winner will now get a full body flat colored!



















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