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Will and Jimber

My worst one yet T___T

My shading is off and both of them don't look like theirselves....I hope Bailey turns out better! ¬ < ¬

Remember: I'm thinking of making Horseland adoptables.
So far i only have 6 people interested, I'm hopping to get at least 10 if possible! (or else the project is a flop)

Chloe and Chili :[link]

Sarah and Scarlet :[link]

Alma and Button: [link]

Zeo and Pepper : [link]

Molly and Calypso : [link]

Bailey and Aztec : [link]
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Can you making one with Nani Cloud riding Sunburst?

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I see you got all the original characters. How about the new additional one, Nani and Sunburst.
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Will is my faverite character :3.
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I think the shading turned out fine--they both look like themselves: trusty, calm, and a great set of reasoning voices. :)
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This looks awesome !!!
Could you draw Nani and Sunburst too ?:please: 
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I'm up for Horseland adoptables! Plus I totally dig Will and Jimber! I reckon its your second best! (After Jupiter)
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I LOOOOVVVVEEE THIS! Wow, you are great, keep up the good work, friend! I love horseland , and I am ABSOLUTELY in love with Will and Bailey!!
Nice Job!!!Kudryavka Noumi Kud (Masato Dance) [V10] Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 
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How do i start a donation pool
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I think the reason y we don't like our own drawings is because we know we can do better, for other people, i think they like it is because they think they can't do better :) no offense to ppl who can't draw if I did offend u I'm sorry please don't be mad at me :c
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What are you talking about, it looks amazing! I love each one you made so far and I can't wait to see the other ones you'll make
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Well thanks ^^ I honnestly did not think that so many people would like this one. My scarlet/Sarah one is so much better (personaly).
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I think they are all amazing so far. The look a lot like the real deal.
Fantastic job!:clap:
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Awwww so cute!!!!
I love them!!!
audry22's avatar
Glad yo do (OwO)
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Cool horse it almost looks like a toy.
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Is that a good or a bad thing? x)
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Not at all it makes the picture more fun.
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Ok then, thanks! Happy it made you happy...:meow:
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I would for sure be interested to see!
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Thanks for the support, you're the 6st one ^^ 4 more to go! (If we're talking about the same thing here XD)
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I'd also be interested in those ^^ Might not buy, though they would be cool to see
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Make that 5! Thank you for your interest *W*
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Myxprint's avatar, I keep seeing your Horseland drawings and want one so bad, haha! I absolutely love this one of Will and Jimber! <3
Would you ever consider taking commissions in the Horseland style?

BTW, I would be interested in HL Adoptables! ^^
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