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Going Home

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Part one of the story --> Lost in the woods 
Part 2 of the story--> Duck Hunt 

The dampness of the air lessened as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky. The purple hue of the sky turned lighter and lighter into finally attaining its usual pale blue tone. Ashkii soaked up the sun’s rays while eating strawberries from a fur bag made of what was once his very own pants. Oshkosh was nowhere to be seen or heard from, until distant shrubs moved and revealed his dirty fur and semi-amused expression, holding a half-dead, chewed up duck by the wing. It flapped and quacked in agony as the toko walked back to his little handler. Unable to hear the strange hissed and honks much longer, the boy yanked out the bird out of his mount’s jaw and place the animal onto a flat rocky slate on the ground, holding its neck and head firmly on the cold and wet surface. Taking a dense stone into his other hand, Ashkii crushed the duck’s skull in one swift hit, assuring an almost instant and painless death. With the awkward and cringe worthy noises gone, the native boy separated the neck from the body, plucked the bird clean , then took out a sharp rock he had chiseled earlier that morning and  gutting it out completely. He piled up the still hot entrails near the fire, cooking them slightly. He then searched the corpse for tendons and any other useful crafting materials such as bones or fat, placing those in another pile near the fire as well. Hands now filled with blood and other unidentifiable substances, Ashkii impaled the duck with a sharpened branch and placed it alongside his clothes, over the flames. Oshkosh watched with blank eyes, disinterested yet mesmerised by the sweet scent of the fresh duck meat. And before the tokota could even realise it, his handler was missing. Completely out of sight.


The boy did not wander far. Realising that all the puddles he had washed himself and his clothes in were now all soiled and unclean, he searched further West into the wood, looking for more to wash himself in. He felt reassured that Oshkosh was not hurt during his escapade and even had the courtesy to bring them back food without destroying too much of the edible meat. After their morning breakfast, they would try to find their way back home. As the young boy walking himself back to his little camp, clean as ever, the peace in his mind slowly vanished and unease settled in once more.  Oshkosh, completely hypnotised by hunger, was now drooling and was a mere second away from eating the duck whole. When the piebald beats realised he was being observed, he quickly retreated away from the fire and sat himself down in the dirt near the clothe rack, faking an innocent look on his face. Ashkii sighed at the averted crisis. He turned the animal over so that both side would be evenly cooked and sat back down in front of the fire, holding his face between his hands. And when all seemed to have calmed back down, the dirty tokota sneezed, causing him to move the already shaky poles of the drying rack. His handler’s clothes fell into the burning flames, disintegrating almost instantly. The boy looked at his belongings turning into ash. He had no more energy to be mad or angry. The day had ridden him of all cares. He lifted himself off of the ground, fed his mount the entire cooked duck, stepped on the fire until it was no more and began preparing his trip back to his village. When all seemed ready and set, he jumped onto Oshkosh and rode South from where they came. With the high sun beaming through the trees, Ashkii and his tokota had a little more faith in their hearts.


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He looks so thin without his clothes on! X)
Also pretty sure I drew his arms too long... 
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