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Warco are providers of an array of machine tools for education, industrial use and model engineering. Renowned for that company's tooling, they've cemented their reputation in the marketplace since being formed within the 1970s.

With 30 years of experience supplying all types of tools, Warco (the trading name for Warren Machine Tools Ltd) are a name that can be trusted. Products available are primarily centered a couple of different overview categories: Metalworking and woodworking machinery. From the metal working range, items cover anything from sanders to mini lathes, from milling machines to sheet metal machinery - delicately to adjust to out a workshop from a size. There's an abundance of accessories for mills, such as milling cutters, vices, collet chucks and digital readouts. Similarly, there's plenty of lathe tools on offer - chucks, die holders, quick change tool posts and back plates.

Warco lathe

The woodworking range includes drilling machines, disc sanders, planer thicknessers, woodworking lathes plus a various wood lathe turning tools. These turning accessories include woodturning chucks, drive centres and chisels. There exists a popular wood combination machine available too, not to mention a large range of wood cutting bandsaws.

Warco milling machine

Getting started by offering engineering supplies back in the day, Warco have become within the last 30+ years for being probably the most popular suppliers of machinery and tools across the UK. Get going by taking a look at their range of products today!
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Submitted on
September 29, 2011