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The Ghosts of Hogwarts

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Sir Nicholas, The Fat Friar, Helena Ravenclaw and The Bloody Baron. I had I lot of fun with them! Ghosties are awesome. :)

I'm sure they are not how every single person imagined them... but this is how they look to me more or less :)
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This is ABSOLUTELY brilliant!!
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They're beautiful!!!! I wonder if you may make a version of the Four Founders..? :3
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Amazing! I love everything, the designs the colors.. it's beautifull!
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Wonderful! :D Brilliant idea
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This one's an instant FAV for me. Wish I could draw like that... I'm really impressed. Make MORE of these, please! ;)
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Awesome job, i really like your style.
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Proud to be a Slytherin. ;)
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I am writing from London, England.  I only discovered your DA space today; an obvious red letter day for me....

Your work is nothing short of bloody marvellous.

You are clearly capable of, or in, several different styles and you excel in each and every one.

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Very cool portraits:clap: You really did a great job on Sir Nicholas' ruff and that they all have very different facial features. It's well visible because of the angle: all the different noses, eyebrows, lips, chins and forheads and so it also makes for a great example of how to paint people with distinct features.:thumbsup:
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This is awesome!!
You got great art!
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Your style seems very familiar, did you work on concept art for games like Fable 3 or Thief 2014? Just a very gorgeous stylized style!
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I love the style. Very well drawn and colored. Love 
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Uuh, your style is gorgeous!
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You know it suddenly occurs to me that I don't remember seeing much of an actual physical description of the Baron. Beyond, you know, "oh shit he's spooky" and "o snap, lots of chains."

For some reason I always had this mental image of, I dunno, an evil overlord-lookin' Vin Diesel, haha. XD

They all look pretty spot-on though, for sure. : D
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are you planning on doing individual portraits
please say yes
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Excellent work!
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Great rendering!
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So bad ass seriously great work!
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Good grief, you are so talented.
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