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Mandrake Baby

Here's a little baby mandrake root to help us all recover from that fan fiction atrocity that was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. What. a. mess. I'm petrified indeed... Here's hoping that the stage play is somewhat redeeming when I see it in September. 

One question though...will one of you go to the 'Blood Ball' with me XD ahh...

Sending <3  to all of you Deviant Art lovelies! I still try to pop in once in a while, and I appreciate your messages so much! 

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Wonderful rendition.
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Wow! I love the details!
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Ultra ugly : perfect
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Amazing work!
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I agree it felt like fanfiction. But I love your drawing. It has lots of character :)
Within the first 20 pages, I was thinking "This is fanfiction - and not very good fanfiction..."  Your drawing, however is WONDERFUL!
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It looks like a drawing from a biology book (a magic biology one). RAD
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those wispy root tips are most glorious
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Another awesome drawing!! I need to pick all of these up.
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It's both comedic and repulsive at the same time.
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Very nicely done!  I detect a Brian Froud influence. 
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This is super fuckin rad. Definitely looks like an entry in some magical textbook written by a travelling explorer/warlock.
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On paper, that kid shoulda been okay. They just didn't take into account the velocity.
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That is fantastic. Such a great face.
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Oh god... That is terrifying and amazing! Good job!
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Very nice work :)) great caracter :clap:
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Gorgeous drawing. I'll likely not see it til later. Always loved the creatures and lore of harry potter.
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Awesome drawing!
And what, Potter and the Cursed Child isn't good? You read it?

Edit: Ok this is disappointing, I read reviews there… <spoiler>and WHAT!! "A new character, Voldemort's daughter".:stare: Someone said fanfic? But seriously, how? We are speaking of a guy who was already old when he died the first time. Or she have a snake face... Can you imagine?</spoiler>
And there are others things that made me raise an eyebrow... pity!
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thank you so much! 

and yes good lord it's THAT awful! hahahaha 
Is there a way you can hide your comment so the spoiler isn't there for people who still want to read the play? <3 just trying to look out for people who want to XD
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Ok I edited, now with spoiler markup and very small text :)
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