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New Fantastic Beast design! I hope you like the little guy :)


M.O.M. Classification XXX

(Sometimes known as Biting Fairy) 

The Doxy often mistaken for a fairy, though it is a quite separate species. Like the fairy, it has a minute human form, though in the Doxy’s case this is covered in thick black hair and an extra pair of arms and legs. The Doxy’s wings are thick, curved, and shiny much like a beetle’s. Doxies are found throughout northern Europe and America, preferring cold climates, They lay up to five hundred eggs at a time and burry them. The eggs hatch in two to three weeks. Doxies have double rows of sharp, venomous teeth, An antidote should be taken if bitten. 

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Looks like a tooth fairy
Perrolobo95's avatar
I love it it's so mytical
SoftVelvetEyes's avatar
The wings of this little creature look so fragile and transparent, can't believe it's a drawing, must be some magic involved!)
elblanco41's avatar
Creepy Little Thing <3
Creepy I'm getting the chills
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dlambeaut's avatar
I'm not very fond of Harry Potter's series, but your designs are pretty cool! I'd fave this "doxy", cause fairies doesn't have to be always pretty and friendly...
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AWESOME!!! I love all these works. Great job.
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looks like the tooth fairy from hellboy 2 good job cool design
VitiS-Lololo's avatar
Omg this is great
Blirtt's avatar
4 arms, nice touch. insect species or mammal?
Rcoleman23's avatar
Majestic creature. Love it 💯
EstrellaDelVenice258's avatar
Love the design of this faerie. Looks like it could be from the world of Spiderwick.
TheBestMango's avatar
I have never heard of a Doxy, but it sounds interessting and a bit scary. I love the drawing, the many details make it seem very realistic!!♥
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