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I'm starting to make some Deviations (gonna call them that) that are getting over 2,000 views in their first week (then staying at that number forever, but let's ignore that), so I was going to ask, what do you guys want to see?

I can do some cool portal stuff. Especially in the style of the Aperture Investment Opportunity Videos, but I do need some directions on what you want to see.
So I have a few papercrafts I designed lying around on my computer that I never released because I never bothered to test them together...

Do you want what I made anyway?
Just thinking because holidays are nearly upon me, I might make the last two triffid variants as papercrafts.
The one from the 1960's movie, and the one that appeared on the cover of the book originally.

Oh and I've just got a working printer so I can test out my models again. I've had a Smiler from Dr Who designed and waiting for a test for over a year now.

Watch this space.
I'm a unicorn!