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Very cool~ :o

So is her skull a bear? Or a monkey/minotaur maybe?
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Is that a bear's skull?
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Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]This is the most accurate representation of my personality that I have seen; I'm kind and a little shy sometimes, but I want to be stronger. Wild and free. 
<3 Thankyou :3
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Wild Bear Fluttershy. 
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Interesting that this is now essentially canon. Never would have guessed, but that's totally awesome. xD
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D8  Why to waste such talent making MLP pictures why didn't you made same picture with human D8 like indian I mean this picture is mindblowing awesome even for MLP picture but it would be better without ponie
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It's not wasting talent. If an artist draws something they don't want to, then that's a waste.
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Well that's opinion based
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You're wasting your life.
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I don't think so when I see american nerds or russians who don't go driving school and jut buy the licence and americans who live in their mom's basements and play wow as long as their parents live
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Haha, dumb bastard.
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No it wouldn't.
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Yes it would and bronies waste life even more so I'm not losing anything here
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Your life is worth less than any brony's life, no matter what.
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Something about that look in her eyes makes me want to run very fast in the opposite direction...
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Shes staring into my me.
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Her eyes a few crazy. Like here:… Anyway, very emotional.
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