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Nightmare Moon Eclipse

By Audrarius
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"We shouldn't have grumbled too much when Nightmare Moon had just come into reign. Now we have been deprived of the only source of comfort at the everlasting night..."
That's the description text keeps running in my headGiggle 
(but I am not grammar-error-proof in these thingsSweating a little... )

Well, I'm starting to finish the leftover made before and during the exam period. I was trying to redesign the armour of Nightmare Moon but still a bit not skillful enough for drawing metals. The helmet maybe fine, but other parts of the armour I seem to have some trouble in managing the shading and reflection. But I should say that I haven't drawn something that detailed for a long time and I think I need to appreciate myself for being able to control my haste in drawing.
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CleverFox2Hobbyist General Artist
found it via Jyc Rows album looks amazing :D
NOVFOX-13's avatar
NOVFOX-13Hobbyist Writer
Like most here i saw it on the night queen vip you tube video... it's awesome.
Cylindryk's avatar
Got here from epic music by Jyc Row named Night Queen VIP. :)
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Shimmermoon513Student Traditional Artist
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome epic work
nbunomad's avatar
hey, this works perfectly for the recent solar eclipse!
Vinylicious-Pon-3's avatar
Vinylicious-Pon-3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whooaaaa, this is so sick! :D
SnapCentino's avatar
SnapCentinoStudent Writer
Always love the designs of her armor!
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TheMelodyPonyHobbyist General Artist
Might I be able to use this artwork as a youtube cover picture for a Nightmare Night song I'm posting? You will get full credit as artist~
qeveren's avatar
This is just stunningly good. :)
ijustloveit619's avatar
ijustloveit619Student Digital Artist
Oh nice! In addition of Princess Celestia clad in armor, we also have Nightmare Moon in one aswell :D
EmeraldParrot's avatar
EmeraldParrotHobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely amazing!!! This is probably one of my favorite pictures on deviantart. Do you go to an art school to learn how to do this? What program did you use to draw this?
AutumnLeaf1230's avatar
AutumnLeaf1230Hobbyist General Artist
wooow nightmare moon, the dark mare of the´s perfect..i love nightmare moon... more than luna ;)
ringtailmaster's avatar
woooooow, she looks so cool, that armor is soo detailled, so scary, so amazing, nice job n_n
DingleMuffins's avatar
Dark Pony: Prepare to Cry edition :D
MagicBIaze's avatar
/gamerule doDaylightCycle false

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Angietangie2019Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danm she looks so bad ass in that picture
J25TheArcKing's avatar
J25TheArcKingHobbyist General Artist
Nightmare Moon, give her darkness!!!!!!!!!

Pure dark fan artwork... Clever and awesome!!!!!!
griffinclawsparkle's avatar
griffinclawsparkleHobbyist General Artist
MagicBIaze's avatar
Just dont try putting it in a sandvich.
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horse70061Student Digital Artist
Ashoof's avatar
W H O A !!!!!!
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MadHamsterCostumes's avatar
MadHamsterCostumes Artisan Crafter
this is truly a gorgeous image. I want to turn this armour into a cosplay outfit (if you allow me to do so) :)
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