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This concept had actually been in my mind for very long time, and finally comes into realization
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This is amazing i love it ^_^
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huh... I didn't know celestia is a forsworn briarheart
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Wow, this is brilliant :)

Was this inspired by the film 9?
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Whether or not it was, this is beautiful!

A stitchpunk-esque Mlp world would be very interesting though, in all honesty.
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Hmmm . . . *gears turning* I wanna make it a thing now.
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These were all amazing! :wow:
This one has got to be my fave though!

Well done! I hope you decide to do a few more characters in the future. :eager:
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Love this series. A deer skull definitely works for Celestia, with that brass circle suspended in the antlers.


Wonder what skull Discord would wear..?


(Who are we kidding, he’d wear his *own* lol.)

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Tia: “You’re an errand pony sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill”
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what animal's skull would Cadence wear?… 
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Is this available for use for abackgroundd or something? 
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I would buy this in canvas form, and hang it next to a chimney.
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Alright! Nice to see these coming back. :)
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These are really cool, are you gonna make one for rarity?
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I'm thinking about ram
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Damn Celestia; you hardcore.

Also you a great artist.
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Yo she's a fuckin badass
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