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A version of Ike

Merry Christmas Everyone :santa: :dance: !!!
still draw nothing for christmas but I wanted to finish this one ^^'

other elements
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: A version of Soise > Magma :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: A version of Will > Vegetal :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:bulletblue::bulletblue: A version of Kare > Water :bulletblue::bulletblue:
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: A version of Rif > Fire :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:
:bulletblue::bulletblue: A version of Ike > Ice :bulletblue::bulletblue:
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: A version of Erë > Air :bulletwhite::bulletwhite:

Hello Everyone !!!!
Finaly the Ice horse from my series ^___^
hope you like !

I use this beautiful stock : from :icongloomwriter: thank a lot !!!… I realy liked the pose , the horse looks like frozen in ice ^____^'

Photoshop + tablet

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Info: All my works are © Aude Pfister aka Whisperss(s)
DON'T use,repost,edit... it WITHOUT my permission!please
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this is so beautiful x3 I love the atmosphere...
may I ask wich paint tool you used?
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I love how dramatic the lighting is. Fantastic work.
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thank you glad you like !! :thanks:
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This is soooo beautiful....I adore this color it's one of my faves :) I love how you do the wings, and how you put the light, the contrast, it's in the same time simple but complicated! I love all your horses from this series, they are amazing! :love:
Audodo's avatar
thank you very much again !! :hug:
realy glad you like my works :)
Winnetah's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:
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^^' thank you very much!!!
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yor welcome! :)
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I LOVE the dramatic lighting! Those teal tones are really neat. I especially love the wings! This is super awesome and fun to look at :D
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:) :thanks: glad you like it !!
FireballAndLassiefan's avatar
omg how do u do that GIMP photoshop??????????????
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I use photoshop element 6 and a wacom bamboo tablet :)
Fellow--x3's avatar
Great, that's fabulous <3
Audodo's avatar
Claire-Lacaes's avatar
Oh les ailes, les ailes les aiiiiiles *O*
Tu travailles sur quel logiciel ? :)
Audodo's avatar
toshop :D (enfin photoshop element 6 et une tablette ^^ (bamboo))
Claire-Lacaes's avatar
Ok merci *o*
C'est vermeilleux :p
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This is my second favourite! I mostly like the vegetal one! It's so catchable...Hope you make one or two or THOUSANDS more awesome arts like are god! :dummy:

The colours are so expressive...the harmony...I would by it as a print, if my mum would allow, but it seems she won't >_< ...!

I love the wings are soooooo much! More of this!! MOOARRR!!
Audodo's avatar
:dummy: yeah I will do more !! ^___^ !!
(as soon as I finished... some things !! ^^; )
thank you veeery much !!! :smooch:
Chanella's avatar
you're welcome! :love:
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