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These are subject to change depending on time it takes and cost of living etc.  I don't take DA points guys!  They don't pay my bills. :P (Lick)

This is my full list: 

Fluffy Eevee by AudGreen    Miqo'te and Fluff by AudGreen     Alola Slowbro by AudGreen
SPLASH                  MONO                         COLORED

Sketches (No WIPS, no revisions, no BG)
Color Splash: $15 (solo only)
MC / BW sketches: $20  (+$15 for each extra person)
Colored Sketches:  $35 (+$20 for each extra)

Pumpkaboo Variants: set 3 by AudGreen

Pokemon Variation Sheets (No WIPS, no revisions *)
*they’re kinda just more for fun, so if you like what I’ve done and want to see a particular pokemon or a particular cross breed, this is the option!
$30 a sheet, includes the base pokemon + some variants 

Lastly, all commissions are for NONPROFIT uses only!  If you want me to do something for like…tshirts etc.  Feel free to message me and we can work something out!  It’ll look nicer than a $10 sketch any who. ;3

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