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[Tutorial] Convert Photoshop Brush to Clip Studio
You will need:
A Windows PC (XP,7,8,10)
Adobe Photoshop (Optional)
Photoshop brush file (.abr)
Clip Studio (Manga Studio 5)
Step 1
Download and install AbrMate (Free)
Step 2
Launch AbrMate.
Click "Open Brush Set" and select the PS brush you want to convert.
Step 3
Wait for the brushes to load into the program.
Click the "Export All Open Brushes to .pngs" and save them in a new folder.

Step 4

Open Clip Studio.
File > Open > Select one of the .pngs you just created.
Step 5
Open the Layers Window. (If you don't see it open it via Window > Layers)
In the upper left corner of the Layers Window, click the arrow icon with 3 little lines beside it.

Select "Convert Layer(H)..."
A "Convert Layer" box should pop up.
Change the "Expression color:" from Color to Gray. Click OK.

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Alexus M. Lanier
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I live to draw and draw to live in many aspects; it has gotten me through the worst of times even if it was a hurried scribble of a demon from a nightmare or an intricate art piece depicting the earth-shattering war inside my head. I never made art for anyone else, and when I tried to, I lost all interest in it before spiraling into complete apathy. When art would lose its edge I would write, I learned that I loved words in their entirety and wove them together eloquently with a deepening passion that bled the pain out of my heart and onto the page. Soon it started to make sense that I needed to do something with these passions, I found that there was a genre of literature called Illustrative Fiction and started my journey of crafting a series.

Well I was sitting about my room and trying to raise my sunken spirits when a pile of papers caught my interest. I went through the papers and they were an old comic book from 8th grade. I was absolutely in awe, they were all intact as I fiddled through them and laughed at my ramblings and scribbles and realized the amount of heart I had crammed into this tale. The plot was about as coherent as letting a bunch of Kindergarteners loose on a massive piece of blank paper with bright neon markers and then looking at the mass of colors as they explain without doubt that the green squiggle is an elephant eating pancakes and you just nod your head and agree to save yourself their upset. The more I dug the more I found older piece drawing back to a comic my friends and I had in the First Grade depicting a 2-3 inch thick stack of paper full of adventures since we all would draw whatever we wanted them to deal with and typically were almost trying to kill them. There were 3 main characters, A girl with ankle length hair and a massive futuristic gun and I guess the simplest way to describe her was an ADHD badass. The second and third were a Duo, A paranoid coward and his dog with great hair. And the longer I sat in my closet looking through the mass of papers I realized that I never really forgot about them, I drew the girl every day at any moment and Being ADHD myself I tended to daydream up massive adventures for her and testing her abilities and adding those that I liked. I got in massive amounts of trouble for that but it was all worth it, Sometimes when angry I would draw her causing mayhem and leveling the apparently regenerative city. In my frequent moments of Isolation and depression; if not anger and hatred I somewhat merged her life with my own and basically drew my experiences with a twist. Over Time it morphed into a multi galaxy tale where she was outcasted by peers and just as I did, became cold and built a fortress to protect herself and traveled the universe trying to escape the isolation and bullying she experienced daily and as I could not fly away but I escaped into the realm of art to soothe the wounds in my soul I used the girl to basically tell my story through her own. She became a piece of my soul in a sense and I promised her in about 5th grade that I would tell her story or die trying, but my depression took a dangerous toll on myself and after 5 suicide attempts and counseling I had lost the motivation to do anything not required to survive. So the writings were lost in my closet from about 8th grade to now, about two years later. School has not changed at all, it is still cruel and I still am Isolated but at this point it is better that way. From about 5th grade to now I have had moments when I snap at others and in my area you become outcasted pretty fast if you do not follow the bandwagon are not screaming SWAG and YOLO at the top of your lungs. I personally hate the terms and preferred drawing and keeping to myself, but any time I drew something I would be smothered with ridicule and criticism by people who could not draw a straight line, I do not want to brag at all but in 6th grade I could draw better than the average child. At some point in my Junior High tormenting session I was dubbed utterly insane and then put in my own category of just plain undesirable. Worst years of my short life by far, that sucked the life out of me and left me a hollow shell of my former self before stomping the remains into a fine powder. Depression slowly took over and the typical day was trudging through the insults and verbal battering and trying not to drown in the misery as it dug a hole the size of a minivan around me. It all came crashing down around me and I have broken down a few times but the worst was on the last day of school 9th grade, I had to be sent home as I could no longer function correctly in this environment, Stigmas follow you throughout your school life and they eat away at you like leeches and suck your soul out like soda. Actually I have a few Stigmas, the most commonly used were Insane, Anti-social and Unholy; Insane for my unpredictable hyperactive nature and impulsive decision making, Anti-social for my unwillingness to associate with anyone unless it was mandatory and my dislike of people for the norm was Obnoxious Loud and Ignorant and Unholy for my questioning of the bible as my curious nature pondered the inconsistencies between life and the bible and my reading of the Satanic Bible as it gave a better understanding to life for some reason. But it is not like I screamed Hail Satan or Christians must Die but I might as well have for Devil Worshipper was the new name and Jesus Loves You was the normal addressing to me, at that point religion was the last thing I worried about so my feeling was either Atheist or Satanist but I am not trying to convey religion on myself or any of you reading but it plays a part in my misery to some degree. As my school life is drawing close to it's end I hope for a scholarship far away from my hometown so I can escape the stigma and try to reclaim some hope in society. But all this Mental trauma aside, I recently have found people I can express myself to without being bashed with verbal assaults, it feels good to have someone to talk to but I rarely get the chance so I am beginning to sink again. Insane is a word that I describe myself with when depression is choking the life out of me, the voices in my head scream the painful insults that haunt me so, they rub salt into the wounds and just drill holes into my head before manifesting into that blasted monkey, it is almost comical how heavy it weighs on me mentally and even physically at times and when it is bashing the sides of my mind I can't help but think "Why?" When I finally have a moment of clarity I generally take that time to draw. Drawing is like an ace bandage and it stops the bleeding and allows some time to heal the wounds, I love the way it makes my mind wander the universe but it was missing something up to this point and it took until now to realize it, I had forgotten my promise and it had saved me long ago. It is time I repaid my savior, I have to give her a name and tell her story or die trying.

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This lovely creature is called a Toan, they reside deep in the oceans of my graphic novel's universe and as such are excellent hunters and come in a variety of colors depending on how far down they lie, this one in particular lives on the sandy bottom among the dense vegetation. Toans resemble a combination of Sailfish and Great White Sharks as such they gather tremendous momentum and hurl themselves through the water and the air to catch any prey that dare come in its path. Being that the males range from 13-15ft and the females are 17-21ft either sex can do devastating damage to boats and any living beings in the water as well. Toans generally stay in the water unless it is their mating season with which they surface long enough to find a mate and securely bury themselves in the sand for about 72 hrs to fully conceive their young.
This beautiful piece is a watercolor work that I created after a dream. It involved the young woman depicted traveling through 10 universal doors that tethered reality within their hinges. She had the gift of vision and the weapons of ink and quill, she captured each conquered door in a blob of ink, and they appear at the bottom of the page, each entry has a pair, and the names were Life, Death, Love, Hate, Space, Time, War, Peace, Youth, and Wisdom. Her journey was far from over as from that moment on she would be the Keeper of Being.
A lovely commission I did right before Summer break and was supposed to give to this friend but I think she felt bad for taking it and let me keep it, that or I made a copy for her. Can't remember too much about the exchange but I do recall what it was about. I drew a character based off Kennedy ((who was obsessed with EVERYTHING Japan)) who was by day a Japan fanatic and by night was a vigilante sort. I still love how much it reminds me of my old friend.
Three of Three characters created for aesthetic, she was an educated ogre Healer.
Two of three characters created for aesthetic I wanted an edgy character with a LOT of piercings/jewelry/weapons.


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