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A large quilava slaved over a graffitied wall with a wet sponge in his hand, and a small axew on his shoulders. "Wudda you doin, Wenn?"  Thomas asked. He didn't understand why his brother was wiping away all the pretty colors off the wall. They looked nice, and brightened up a bleak and dull part of town. "Because Tommy," Renn started "people were painting where it wasn't allowed, and now we have to clean up their mess." Thomas trusted his brother's words and let him get back to work.

Renn finally finished scrubbing away the foul language and replacing it with something more positive as he was told to do. He slid his back against the brick wall and sat down. He had been at this since noon, and the sun was already starting to set. This would've been much easier if more people decided to volunteer. Nonetheless, it was over. He then relized there was a small entity slumped over his head, asleep. Thomas was so quiet, Renn had forgotten he was there. Renn grabbed his little brother and placed him in his lap, grateful he didn't fall. He started to fall asleep as he looked into the soft, orange sky.

It was night, but the town was still quite active. Lampost scattered across the streets lit up the deep and starry night. Renn woke up with gasp. He was still sitting with his back against the brick wall, and thomas in his lap. He didn't feel sleep at all, despite waking up so fast. He felt wide awake. He then caught a slight glimpse of a blue blur dashing across a few roof tops. As soon as Renn saw this, he started to get this strange feeling in his gut, as if, he was supposed to follow it. Renn noticed that he had taken a few steps toward the direction of the weird blur, with Thomas cradled in his arms. He decided to trust in his insticnts and follow the strange blur.

Renn didn't know where exactly where he was going, he just went where it felt right. He has had this feeling once before, but it still felt entirely new. Eventually he stopped to look at his soroundings. He saw a merchant turning his back on his stand. Right as he did so, another blue blur flashed in front of the stand and down an alley. Several berries from the stand were missing after that happened. Renn ran down the alley where the blur went.

Renn was in the dark and humid alley. He held Thomas tightly against his chest. Renn saw a basket a berries, and a hand reach out from behind a dumpster to grab one. "Who's there?" Renn said with a stern voice. "Who's askin'?" A voice said. "Me, show yourself."  A dewott rose from behind the dumpster. He had a pair of whiskers had been torn off, leaving a small scar on his face. As soon as the dewott showed his face, the strange feeling Renn had just went away. "I like the attitiude." The dewott said. "I'm going to need you to return those" Renn said, pointing to the basket of berries.

"Well that's gunna happen."

"Why not"

"Everyone's gotta eat"

Renn already didn't like this guy, He was rude and a theif. Renn kept his gaurd up just in case he tried anything. "Your an explorer, aren't you?" The dewott asked "How did you know?" Renn asked back. "You're always tryin' to do the right thing, make the world a better place, and are just overall goodie-goodie" Renn looked back at the dewott with a disgusted look. "You don't even know who I am, how could you possibly know that's true." "You're right, I don't." The dewott said, walking towards Renn. "The name's Liam." Renn stood there, silent. "Oh c'mon big guy, I won't bite!" Liam said with a smile. Renn didn't want to give his name to this total stranger, but it felt like he had to. "Renn." He said. Liam chuckled. "And who's this little guy?" He asked "Your son?" "What, no" Renn answered "He's my brother" "Well what's his name" Liam asked. Renn was reluctant to give him his brother's name, But did so anyway. "Thomas" He said with an annoyed look. "Too bad he's asleep, I wanna meet him!" "Well I guess you can't" Renn told him. Liam chuckled, "I guess not." There was a small moment of silence. Liam appeared to be lost in thought. He eventually snapped out of it, though. "Well, It was nice meetin' ya, Renn." He said, walking toward the basket of berries, "See ya around." He then darted up the wall and vanished into the night. Ren didn't want to think about what just happened. He started to walk to the explorers dormatories, and pretended like this never happened.

"after all, I'll never see him again"
It's been a long time since I've done one of these. This is introducing my new NPC, Liam. I hope this still counts as doing the errand. It's fun to see (or read, I guess) my characters live and breath. This took a lot longer to write, though. I am a master of the art of procrastination. anyway, I really like this story 
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