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Quickie - HyperPreg

Note to self; Don't make promises of activities that you haven't judged the effort of!

Basically, I said I'd do the female cast of Overwatch and put them all in one big scene. That was before I tried Tracer and realized how difficult it is to make her clothing adjust to the pregnancy (which is sorta impossible lore-wise anyway) without completely screwing up while I start posing her. I didn't find the required effort to be worth it, so I unfortunately had to drop it. Sorry!

As a consolation price, I managed to do! She's probably my second favorite and I already made her pregnant before, so why not maker her bigger, right? She's the easiest out of the bunch, just because her suit is pretty much skin-tight on the important parts. Adding a belly there is just 15 minutes of work. :D

Here's being a little grumpy about her current situation. I'll bet despite her limited mobility, will still get tons of views. :ninja:

-----------------Alternative Angles------------------ folder

HyperPreg Angle1 by Auctus177HyperPreg Angle2 by Auctus177HyperPreg Angle3 by Auctus177HyperPreg Angle4 by Auctus177

---------------Render Info & Credits---------------
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.0 @ 2048×1536 and her MEKA imported from… belongs to Blizzard Entertainment
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Can someone link me to the Google Docs, since the Stash doesn't work anymore?

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She's gorgeous!
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I've been looking for this for ages.
I finally found it !
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So, there are babies wriggling around in her belly because it's a hpreg?
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That's awesome, thanks :)
This one is awesome, we should make more overwatch toons like this
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Well dis' is tha' internet fo' ya'
memerboom's avatar
The hell is your problem bro?
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I could ask the same thing to you. I've got my interests and OW's pretty popular, so why not? I'm sorry you ended up here, but the sooner you move on, the sooner you'll erase this from your memory. :)
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Hey... That's pretty good!
The Folder link isnt working
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There we go, should be working now.
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Oh! Lemme fix it as soon as I come back from dinner. Thanks for notifying me! :)
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How did you make the belly?
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I edited the mesh itself by using the same program I use for posing and rendering, 3ds Max.
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Ah i use SFM for morphs
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Oh my word this is so dang cute and awesome.
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Hahaha, glad you like it! :D  I'd like to think her reaction is fitting to her character.
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