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Poolside Bleuberry - 6 Poses, 40 Renders


It was a good day for Tessa Bleu. The sun was shining, the pool was open, and her old bathing suit still fit… by a certain definition of the word. Her one-piece swimsuit was from a bygone era when she was only eating for one, and it lightly protested its now harder job of keeping Tessa Bleu decent.

Tessa had come to the pool to get some much-needed exercise and relaxation. Her doctor had warned her to keep up her exercise for mobility's sake no matter how well her body coped. Attempting to limber up was cumbersome, and she accidentally knocked her juice bottle to the tiles. As she tried to bend down to retrieve it she found her tummy forced it just out of reach. She blushed as she snatched it off the concrete, hoping that someone at the pool had enjoyed the show. She slowly waddled her way into the pool, her lovely hips sashaying widely to compensate for her amazing roundness as well as the water resistance, making her way to the deep end of the pool. Taking a deep breath she leaned back and began to swim around the nearly empty pool. After finishing her backstroke laps she floated through the water with her baby belly thrust into the air, a drifting blue island in the pool’s ocean. She caught a couple pool-goers sneaking peeks at her grand swell, causing her to blush ever so slightly.

I wish they’d try to approach me… or just stare and not be ashamed of it.’ She thought as the pool emptied. Tessa floated for a few minutes longer before her wish came true, in the form of a beach ball bouncing off her belly.

“Oh god I’m so sorry, are you ok?” A feminine voice squeaked from behind her tummy. “Are your babies ok?!”

Bleu giggled at the girl’s panicked tone as she stood up. “I’m fine Miss, calm dow-” her voice petered out as she took in the redhead before her. ‘JACKPOT!’ The woman was easily a foot shorter, her hair done up in twin pigtails. Her pink two-piece bathing suit covered her smaller assets quite well, but what set Tessa off was the girl’s belly. She was pregnant, not nearly as large as Tessa but her height made her look enormous.

Holy crap that woman is HUGE! I’ve got to make a good impression!’ Thought the redhead. “I’m Natalie.”

“…who?” queried Tessa, pulled from her reverie.

“That’s my name, Natalie! You sure you’re ok, you spaced out there for a bit.” The shorter woman asked, stroking her naked bump.

“Y-yes I’m fine! I’m Tessa, Tessa Bleu. So this is your ball?” Tessa asked as she grabbed the plastic sphere.

“Yes ma’am!” Natalie said. “I’m sorry I hit you… could I please have my ball back?”

“Sure, just wait there at the edge.” She hefted the ball and set it on her tummy. “Hehehe, I’m almost as big as the ball!” She snickered.

“Yuuuus…” murmured Natalie, covering her mouth with her hand. Tessa lightly tossed the ball to her and grabbed onto the ladder to hoist herself out.

“Oh my, I don’t think I can get out this way…”

“Do you need a hand?”

“No, it’s not my weight, my belly’s just too big!” she laughed, her bulging womb too large to fit between the handrails of the ladder. “My stuff is near the stairs anyway, I’ll be over there if you want to chat.” She pointed to her chair, and then waddled off to the exit.

“That ASS…” Natalie mumbled around the finger she was biting. “I HAVE to get under that one-piece…” As quiet as it was at the pool, the large preggo heard her loud and clear.

Tessa pulled herself from the water and sat heavily in her chair, popping open her bottle of blueberry vitamin water. Sating her thirst, she laid back in her chair, lower belly facing where she saw that adorable pixie. ‘As stretched out as my leg holes are, I’m sure that cutie is getting a nice show. Now to wait…’ she thought, rubbing the crest of her womb.


“Yea, she’s HUGE!” Natalie whispered into her phone. “…yea hubby, I’m gonna try to get her to come home with me, we’re gonna have fun with h-ACK!” She choked into her phone as she saw the delicious peach skin peeking from under the blue mound of Tessa’s tummy. “Coughcough, yes dear, I’m fine… she’s just…DAMN! See you soon love, be sure dinner’s ready! You’re cooking for at least ten tonight!”

Natalie was surprisingly light on her feet, deftly waddling up to the exposed underbelly of her lusty beauty.

“Hey there Tessa!” she chirped, immediately groping her exposed stomach. Tessa cooed as she felt small, soft hands on her bare underbelly. “You’re almost naked down here…” mumbled the hand’s owner. “…your suit only covers the middle strip.” Tessa felt a finger travel down the fabric barely keeping her decent.

“I knooooow, it helps me attract the right kind of company.” Tessa moaned.

“You look so stuffed full of babies big girl.” The redhead teased as she rubbed lower and lower. “How many are in there?”

“Octuplets, and before you ask, 38 weeks.”

“And who’s the lucky father?”

“There isn’t one, I’m a surrogate.”

“Oh, well in that case…” Natalie slipped a hand under Tessa’s belly and brushed her as low on her orb as she could “…maybe I can convince you to come back home with me? My husband and I have a very ‘open bed’ policy…”

Tessa squeezed her swollen tits, “As long as he’s ok with all this woman, and you promise to finish what you’re starting down there.”

“Oh I’m sure he’ll love you, there’s enough of you for both of us to enjoy…”


Due to Quickie - Getting Ready: Pear Edition's reasonable success, I wanted to do another scene with her. Just to get her out of my system, you know? Well, you can see how that turned out... Whoooops. ^^;

Anyway, me and :iconotakucaboose: got talking and we made Miss Bleu into a fully-fledged character. He did a wonderful job writing the accompanying story. :la: She's not like my other characters though, as the story might have shown otherwise. The general idea is to put her in as many ill-fitting outfits as possible, and the classic Japanese-styled swimsuit happens to be the first (if you exclude the purple dress). And this is just one of the many we have planned! Buut obviously there's some commission and other work I really have to attend to before I can delve deeper into this. Heh, deeper. :ninja:

Sooo, there are a total of six poses! Each with about 5-6 extra angles of their own, all properly ordered on name, so if you end up downloading the package (which you can by clicking on the bottom link in the folder), you can properly browse through it in order. Be sure to check all of them out. :D

I know I hit 3000 watchers a few days ago, I'm going to release a journal and potentially a special render to go along with it!

------------------------Poses------------------------- folder (40 renders total!)

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----------------Render Info & Credits----------------
Story written by :iconotakucaboose:
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.0 @ 2048x1536
Characters are exported from Artificial Girl 3
Trees, chairs, ladders, bushes and the tables are from
Building textures are from
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it's been 4 years and i still find pregnancy art sexy

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the stash is gone
Still my favourite after a few years 
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Lovely to both the pic n' the interestin' story Wink/Razz 
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what happened to the st.ash file? is there a backup version? if so, DM me link plz
Auctus177's avatar…

I moved them to a different service, never got around replacing the broken links
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thank u, and btw, may i ask, are any of the files ones that contain uncensored 'areas'?
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Oooh. That's a good one, they currently aren't, but I believe I can throw those in there as well. I won't have time for it until the weekend, but you can still find the uncensored (and exclusive) ones on my Tumblr. :D
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sweet, can't wait for update, ttyl then
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What the fuck is this?
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Yeah seriously
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You got a problem with our wank material, m8?
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Heheheh, and there goes Tessa. xD

Making a huge spalsh in the universe. Wink/Razz 
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Wow! ^_^  Seriously awesome! *thumbs up* I'd love to see more like these..Maybe with way big boobs and butt as well. ; D 
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glorious preggo
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Amazing, wish I could put my hands around those hips and thighs :P.  Can't wait to see if they get any fuller over time :D.

As you are exploring these fuller hips and thighs perhaps you would want to consider another hourglass character similar to 'Late Bloomer' - (…?)
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Fuller over time eh? That is the plan, along with her pregnancies. >;D

Like... an OC perhaps? I'm planning on showing Victoria very soon, that'll have Kim's butt (though less butt and more thighs) and quite the bust. Though she wont be in the spotlights like Susan, I hope she'll be a great addition to the universe. :)
This is just an insane amount of scenes here. I'm looking forward to your future collaborations.
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Yeah, it wasn't my intention but I couldn't decide which ones to throw away. And that's good to hear, I'm planning on a bunch of more scenes with her. :)
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She looks so sexy! Can you picture a stirring from her belly kids ?.
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Man, you spoil us, m8
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I can't help myself, all this is just too fun! ^^;
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