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Every now and then, it's refreshing to go back to the somewhat smaller sizes. Yes, I just called triplets small. Funny on how that can sound completely ludicrous or correct depending on your interests. In any case, this piece was inspired by a photograph where there's this magnificent spilling of healthy fat around the edges of her pants. This was my attempt at recreating that, with a baby or two extra. :giggle: Plus I experimented some more with stretchmarks, something I wanted to try out for a long time, but couldn't due to character restrictions.

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ChubTriplets0121 by Auctus177ChubTriplets0125 by Auctus177ChubTriplets0126 by Auctus177ChubTriplets0128 by Auctus177POV by Auctus177

----------------Render Info & Credits----------------
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.4 @ 1523×2680
Character is made in Artificial Girl 3, imported and modified in 3ds Max
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Since these files don't exist anymore.

Do you put these old angles on drive?

TheWonder27's avatar

Omg thx!

It's been a long time without these files.

I :heart: You.

Can you make the boobs bigger please?

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Can me and this girl swap bellies?
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Dang that's some fine work!
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great work, love it! 
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So realistic looking especially her awesome huge bellies skin! Those big eyes, wow !
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She's incredibly beautiful and lovable, isn't she? :) Excellent work indeed.
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She's beautiful.
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Original Pic: Pretty bloody cute.

The Pic You Made After Being Inspired By It: Goddamn adorableness incarnate.
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LOL! That's the act of 'Aucty-ing' for you. :dummy:
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Gotta use that verb more often...
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Cute and sexy belly
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You returning to “smaller” sizes is very fun. It’s like seeing someone who usually plays harder modes reduce the difficulty and simply ace it. Nice work Auctus!
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Haha! You could say it's easier, but there's less room for error with it being closer to normal sizes. :p  Either way, thanks :D
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This is great!  I love the huge belly on an otherwise skinny girl look.  I think the term 'disproportionately huge' is appropriate.  I  hope to see more like it.  =)
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:wow: damn very bigger belly that perfect like sexy.
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What's not tummy big?. It seems he's about to burst!:) You can show bumps? Move children inside the abdomen.
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