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Maternal Glow

--------------------- UPDATE 2 ---------------------

Golden Belly Awards 2016 - WINNERHello folks,
Apologies this is late, had a busy weekend. Anyways I'm proud to announce the winner of the Golden Belly Awards 2016. The winner is...........

Maternal Glow by :iconAuctus177:Auctus177

Congrats! I'll get to work on the render and note you later for the payment details.
Again, many thanks to all who entered! :)


Turns out this image won the Golden Belly Awards! Whoohooo! If you voted for me, thanks a ton! :D


"Honey, are you ready to go? We don't want to be late now."


I'm back from my month break! It's been really enlightening and I'm glad I did it.

I've been wanting to do something special with lighting for a while now. Earlier attempts (before the break) failed because I couldn't get the exact lighting I wanted. After the break and some research, I've found a way and here's the result! It worked out quite nicely, if I may say so myself. :P

Anyway, June's rockin' a new hairstyle! I wonder what the occasion is for! :ninja:

-----------------Alternative Angles------------------ folder (for easy accessibility)

Shining Extra1 by Auctus177Shining Extra2 by Auctus177Shining Extra3 by Auctus177Shining Extra4 by Auctus177

---------------Render Info & Credits---------------
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.0 @ 2048×1846
Character is exported from Artificial Girl 3
Door is from
Room textures are from
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Image size
2048x1846px 1.34 MB
© 2016 - 2021 Auctus177
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Nice! Reminded me of the FakeABaby fake pregnant belly!

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the link not works for me... the others too... what a bummer...
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Damn i love your posts so fricken much. I wish we were near house to house so we can make posts together.
Could you try to animations with sound of your characters expanding or getting pregnant please 
MilaCuteGirl1996's avatar
She is great and beautiful! Wonderful pregnancy!
aLOZFreak's avatar
Holy back problems Batman!!! WOW
Midnigh-Fox's avatar
You got my vote!
WhereAmINow22's avatar
Oh she definitely has my vote ^^
Auctus177's avatar
Hehe, I appreciate it a lot! :D
SaraVore's avatar
My OC Priscilla is on the same Competition but i think this cute preggo going to win the golden belly award . Good luck my friend :)
Auctus177's avatar
Well, you never know for sure. Good luck to you too!  =p
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The lighting really does a great job of showing off the glow you were going for, you used the effect quite well.
I'm eager to see how you'll add to and develop your 3D universe, keep up the excellent work Auctus!
Auctus177's avatar
Thank you! I'm still pretty new to adding post-processing effects, but I just might have a knack for it! :P

It's great to hear that. I feel the timeline really brought the universe into a more comprehensible package and it forces me to double-check everything to make sure it fits. It's restrictive in some ways, but man is it fun to theory-craft about it!
Crake6441's avatar
BTW thanks for all that organization you did of your gallery, it's super easy to see each girls journey now!
Slightly related to what you were talking to Marrazan about: does that garment software include bras?
I've noticed that some of your stories mention bras/bra sizes (as any story involving growing busty characters is bound to) but you've only shown them twice.
I imagine the reason might be because it's difficult to do it well but since you've improved so much in the boob department I was wondering if that means that we might see some more of your characters in lingere Ninja
PS. The dress you made looks awesome
Auctus177's avatar
No problem! There was no way to see the images chronologically, unless you'd have the timeline aside. It took 4 hours to render and make everything, but it felt good organizing everything. :)

I'm not sure if the software can, I hope so! It's pretty difficult to create bras, especially with the sizes I work with. The new deformation tool will help give a more pushed up look (you'll see what I mean with my next render :ninja:), but the problem is still the cloth. They never end up like I want them to.

I'll look into whether the software is capable of creating bras. If it can, that'll be a lifesaver! Can't wait to see the girls in lingerie. =P

I'll let you know how it turns out.
Crake6441's avatar
Sounds like you're cooking something tasty for us with your next render Wink/Razz 

Also, thanks for being so responsive with your followers Auctus, especially with my long comments!
It kind of makes me feel like I can contribute to your universe in a very small way.
Auctus177's avatar
Hehe, yeah I'm particularly proud of the shape of the breasts in that one. I should have it all ready to upload in a couple of hours.

No problem! It's really enjoyable to chat with you guys about the universe I've created. It helps people understand it and potentially give ideas to try out. The lingerie is a prime example of that! That was something I haven't thought of recently and when you mentioned it, I wanted to give it another go. So you're definitely contributing here. =P

Fortunately, there is plenty of material online to help me create a bra in that software. Even a simple snapshot like the one below can really help. :D

qc5UoBp by Auctus177
Welcome back, Junes looking good as always. I do really like the lighting and shadows that she is casting. Keep up the good work man.
Auctus177's avatar
Thanks a lot. I'm really happy the attention to detail paid off! :D
fanedfox's avatar
Very nicely done, wonderful detail and the lighting is amazing.  Awesome belly as well!
Auctus177's avatar
Ah thank you! :D
Teslarossa's avatar
jeez, what's inside that belly? a playstation? XD
Excellent! I don't think she's likely to have any problems with breast-feeding. :)
Auctus177's avatar
I don't think so either! In fact, she probably has plenty to spare for her husband and herself. :plotting:
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