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COMM: Nitemare #5 - Morning Jog

Aaand the final part! This time she's even bigger, trying her best to do a morning jog. The clothes that used to fit, don't even come CLOSE to covering her now! :P

Anyway, thank you :iconnitemare99: for commissioning me! :la:

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COMM Nitemare05 Angle01 by Auctus177 COMM Nitemare05 Angle02 by Auctus177 COMM Nitemare05 Angle03 by Auctus177 COMM Nitemare05 Angle05 by Auctus177 COMM Nitemare05 Angle06 by Auctus177

----------------Render Info & Credits----------------
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.4 @ 2240×1680
Girl was exported from Artificial Girl 3, imported and modified in 3ds Max
Textures collected from
Commissioned by :iconnitemare99:
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2240x1680px 1.69 MB
© 2017 - 2021 Auctus177
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ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Why'd you delete the Sta.shed pics? I remember them being so good!
Darkburster1's avatar
that bellybutton...! its perfect! And the tightness and veins on the belly! love it!
mavericstud9's avatar
Thought those were tits
Brubake's avatar
That's a awesomely awesome mega belly she has! That's my food baby belly goal !
QwertyTop777's avatar
the fuck
did she eat a hippo
like god damn thats digusting u just see that walking down the fucking road
id run m8
Brubake's avatar
"If you can't say something nice, please don't say anything at all". Oh but if cussing is your F Word Fetish? Then i guess i shouldn't be "digusting" oops, i mean i shouldn't be disgusted over your bad words, ha, ha,
DonPoro's avatar
Wonder how much babies there are in? xD
TimelordFandango's avatar
In a shocking twist, this is just the first week of her pregnancy!
Astork768's avatar
Man! Dat belly looking ready to go nuclear.
Fig5's avatar
That jog could quickly turn into a roll if she trips.
ThatOneKichi's avatar
This is such an amazing piece. I love how perfectly round you've made her belly. :heart: Fantastic job!
IncPara's avatar
workeroftheforge's avatar
She's gonna bulldoze everyone in front of her.
Honestly, i'm enjoying the panties digging into her big butt the most out of all this. 
falloutghoul's avatar
How did she not explode?! :O
Obad-Hai's avatar
Rather jealous of her as I am of almost all of Nite's girls but it looks fantastic! Only thing beyond the obvious is I am curious as to how, even if they're just grey nobodies, how no one is even looking or curious! xD
DLeagueman's avatar
Poor girl she could use some help :3
chiyo775's avatar
Lmao.. This looks fucking painful.. Cringe emoticon 
Auctus177's avatar
Yeah, in RL that's gotta hurt. Luckily, this is just a (silly) fantasy where stuff like that is completely fine. :P
Kinloirm's avatar
Is she pregnant or does she eat people she hates?
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