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COMM: A Swell Time

Aand here we have :iconhara-futoru:'s Hara, as commissioned by :iconbarosans: enjoying her day on the beach, with plenty of Senzu beans by her side. Who knew that eating so many would cause such swelling! Then again, it's a very rejuvenating bean. Regardless, it definitely doesn't look like she's slowing down. ;p

And yeah, thank you for commissioning me! :D

-----------------Alternative Angles----------------- folder

Swell Time Angle 1 by Auctus177 Swell Time Angle 2 by Auctus177 Swell Time Angle 5 by Auctus177 Swell Time Angle 7 by Auctus177 Swell Time Angle 8 by Auctus177

----------------Render Info & Credits----------------
Commissioned by :iconbarosans:
Hara is :iconhara-futoru:'s OC
Rendered in 3Ds Max 2014 with VRay 3.4 @ 2276x1280
Hara was made in Artificial Girl 3, imported and modified in 3ds Max
Image details
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2276x1280px 1.09 MB
© 2017 - 2021 Auctus177
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What happend to the stash file? I wanna see the angle where her belly button is showing. She has such a nice belly button!

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How much are these type of commissions? 
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Perfect she is! I gotta try some of those beans!
Happy-Looner's avatar
Totally kick ass! HUGE thumbs up!! : D
Garani's avatar
oooh <3 i wish i were immoble <3
suntwilig's avatar
Should I help you my beautiful?
KolnzBerserK's avatar
What the fuck is this...
kurohairyu's avatar
an awesome picture that is what it is 
QwertyTop777's avatar
you need mental help
kurohairyu's avatar
yes i do....please send help.....please.....please! oh god! help!
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I really like this image, you did a great job, but unless she's about to die, eating all those senzu is a bad idea.
Beabelly's avatar
Hara can expand her belly out of limits :)
Superman70032's avatar
That's cool, but I think it would be better to use senzu beans for their intended purpose.
This is awesome! You do huge sizes better than I've ever seen
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she looks lovely :3
chasbanner's avatar
It's funny because "swell" is Nigerian for beach
CombatAge19's avatar
Is she eating Senzu beans there?
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