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Handy Links!


Public folder (Doesn't have all uploads anymore, also LQ)

Google Drive Folder (Has all alt angles of all scenes & high quality)

Commission Sheet (Closed)

Tumblr (For non-dA works)

Commissions (CLOSED) - Updated 21-12-2018 (d-m-y)

Current Batch

  • :iconjust-tenth: - Finished
  • Private Commission - Finished
  • :iconice789: - Finished
  • :iconthedarkwatcher: - Finished
  • :iconwhosthisguyeh: - Finished
  • :iconladycathryne:


Yuup! It's that time again. I'm opening it in time before the next college year starts, where I'll probably be too busy with my internship. (hype tho)

Besides this, I have a bit of an confession to make: I've done a few commissions off-screen, outside of the batches. Mostly due to my weirdly placed guilt and those ideas just being really interesting. In any case, I'll be throwing those up besides the actual commissions. So don't be surprised when you see more than 6 show up. ^^;

If you'd like to commission me, awesome! You can send a dA note or through Tumblr with details. Due to being absent from home this weekend, my responses won't always be quick. In any case, I will wait until Monday before actually deciding. That way everyone can think up of something and send their messages. Closed! Thank you all for reaching out to me! I'm sorry if yours didn't get picked. It was pretty tough decision to choose between all of them.

Commission Slots 

  •  :iconjust-tenth:
  •  Private Commission
  •  L3gacyHeart
  • :iconwhosthisguyeh:
  • :iconthedarkwatcher:
  • :iconladycathryne:


Base: 50 USD

Price will vary based depending on extra (or less) work. For example, using a character that I've already created will result in a discount. On the other hand multiple scenes, detailed backgrounds, clothing and multiple characters will drive the price up. In the past I've tried to define these aspects to specific prices, but I've found it too restricting and stressful. So I'll do them on a case by case basis.


  1. All transactions go via Paypal, using invoices.
  2. One commission per person, per 'opening'.
  3. I'll send updates or ask questions about specifics through dA notes (or other forms of communication like Tumblr).
  4. Big changes (to the pose, clothing and/or sizes that require a lot of work to adjust) will carry an extra charge depending on the extra workload. Minor changes like hair-color and such, are free of charge. But not unlimited.
  5. Any requested refunds beyond the character creation, will be less depending on how much work had already been done. No refunds when the scene/render has already been finished.
  6. Commissions slots are given based off priority slots (see below), order of payment and personal preferences. I unfortunately can't accept all of them.
  7. Priority slots is a special feature for those who pledge the highest tier of 10$ on my Patreon. After two days have passed, they'll unlock to regular slots for everyone to grab. Though it seems those two will be taken already. So beware!
  8. I can decline any commission (before payment) for any reason. And also fully refund them if I feel I can't finish it.
  9. I generally pick out the (extra) angles to render. You may request additional angles if you feel it's lacking in some areas. Again, not unlimited.


  1. Size references are very helpful, if you've got an idea for her size(s) be sure to share it!
  2. I can work with detailed commissions, but too specific might limit my creativity. Same goes for open commissions. Some is good, but too much might be damaging the quality.
  3. General process should go something like; Idea agreement > Payment > Character creation > Pose & scene building and etc. > Test renders with angles > Agreement (and any adjustments) > Full render

Who would you like to see with an omega-tier pregnancy? Non-canon of course. 

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Artist | Student | Varied
Hey there, welcome!

You've arrived at my own 'little' corner of my fetish content. That's what I create around here. They're mostly focused on pregnancy and/or expansion. If that isn't your cup of tea, I'd still welcome you! I mean, if you don't mean harm and/or want to give constructive criticism, then you're just as welcome as everyone else.

Anyway, my main methods for creating content is 3D modelling and programming. I'm not good at either of them, but I'm slowly learning more and more.

What drives me is the ability to give shape to the ideas I have. All the while (hopefully) inspiring others to do the same, in whatever way they prefer. That's how I got here in the first place. :) Besides that, I just want to share the things I like the most!


Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It wasn't anything too special but seeing all the celebrations here did put a smile on my face. :D

Hopefully I can get back to working on some of my upcoming stuff again!
Valentine's Day 2019
Not much of chocolate or hearts in this one, but still plenty of love! This takes place a few days/weeks after Susan's latest entry.

I originally intended to add in soap effects (and better water streaming down), however things got frustrating, looking like crap and I just ended up going with this. I still quite like the end result though. :nod: Fortunately though I've learned some more things about water effects. :D

Also, I deliberately hid Nathan in some shots just to help the lighting and to get a better view of her body.

-----------------Alternative Angles------------------ folder (HQ this time around)

Valentines2019 Angle01 by Auctus177 Valentines2019 Angle02 by Auctus177 Valentines2019 Angle03 by Auctus177 Valentines2019 Angle04 by Auctus177 Valentines2019 Angle05 by Auctus177
Manon - Doctor Visit
Yup lads! It's actually happening! You all now know what the second half of this sentence is. :evillaugh: Just doing a check-up at her 20th week. With that said however, it won't be an elaborate progression like Emi's. I've got one more after this, then it'll probably just jump to full-term/post-preg. Plenty of breast growth ahead though. o/

-----------------Alternative Angles------------------ folder (LQ)
Google Drive (HQ)

ManonP3 W20 Angle02 by Auctus177 ManonP3 W20 Angle03 by Auctus177 ManonP3 W20 Angle04 by Auctus177 ManonP3 W20 Angle05 by Auctus177 ManonP3 W20 Angle07 by Auctus177

Bit of an unique stream this time. I'll be working on a program where you can view characters. Basically the ultimate character sheet! In any case, it's nothing without those character models, which I'll be mostly be working on. 

Thanks for hoppin by everyone!
Emi's 2nd Pregnancy #14 - Measuring (W40)

"So how are you feeling Emi?" Aya asked, holding up one of Emi's arms and gently pressing down along the side of her body.

Emi pressed her legs together a bit "Horny..."

Aya looked back up to Emi "I... uh... I'm not sure if that's normal or not."

"For me it is."  Emi smiled, half lost in thought "Last time I was pregnant, god, I was sooo horny all the time. The sex was amazing."

"Riiight... How about we do some measurements?"

Aya put the sphygmomanometer cuff onto Emi's arm listening to the flow of blood with a stethoscope, counting when she heard the heartbeat disappear and return "Blood pressure seems fine." She pulled off the cuff shining a light into Emi's eyes "Pupil Dilation looks good." She had Emi stand next to a standing lamp "Still 155cm, no change there."

"I find that offensive. You aren't even going to measure me properly."

"You're exactly as tall as that lamp Emi. I would have notice any changes."

Aya started pressing into Emi's breasts, kneading them around.

Emi laughed "That one tickles"

"No lumps in your breasts." Aya said marking down all the results in her notebook.

Aya dug through her bag and pulled out a cloth tape measure and a scale. "Alright all that is left are your 3 sizes and weigh in. I brought a larger tape measure this time so you can't delay it again."

Emi pouted a bit "Fine..."

Aya placed the scale on the floor. "Ready?"

"Not really. I love my breasts but I feel like I've gained weight recently."

"Matt doesn't seem to mind that much."

"Oh please. That man is having the time of his life. If it were up to him I'd be twice my weight and just as pregnant."

"250 kilograms."

"That's not as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Aya reached over for the measuring tape, unraveling it.

"Aya-san." Emi whispered.

Aya paused looking to Emi confused. "...Yes?"

"Matt and I were talking. And, well. I was wondering if you would be my maid of honor."

Aya's eyes unfocused behind her glasses "What?"

"For our wedding. The thing is that, well you're kinda really my only friend. Not that I couldn't find anyone else of course, but both Matt and I really like you and would like it if you would be there for us."

"I- I would be honored Emi."

Emi smiled. Jumping a bit and causing her entire upper body to jiggle with the motion. "That's great! Thank you so much!" Emi hugged Aya.

"Congratulations Emi, so when is the ceremony?"

"In 2 weeks."



Oh boi Emi. What is she getting herself into... :la:

Like the previous one, written by the MVP :iconghostplasma:

-----------------Alternative Angles------------------- (LQ)
Google Drive (HQ)

EmiW40-2-01 by Auctus177 EmiW40-2-03 by Auctus177 EmiW40-2-05 by Auctus177 EmiW40-2-06 by Auctus177 EmiW40-2-08 by Auctus177



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