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Azure Nebula Repairs | Star Trek: Theurgy

By Auctor-Lucan
Story Excerpt: After the Battle of Starbase 84. the USS Theurgy escaped into the Azure Nebula. The mission to send the simulcast was a a complete failure. Unless they learned the decryption key to the sent message, the whole of the Federation would continue thinking that they were exactly the kind of Romulan defectors proclaimed by Starfleet Command and the media. Ives' authority could be in question by both hir original crew, as well as the crew from the USS Resolve. Forsaken as they were, would the crews aboard the Theurgy unite or scatter, and would the Asurians - who suffered grievous losses at Starbase 84 - vow vengeance upon them all?

The model and its design is owned by me, and the original model was a commissioning by Omar Tavera (Omardex) here on DeviantArt ( The original model was made in Cinema 4D and rendered in Thea Render, which is quite apt given that the A.I. of the ship is named Thea. 

The version above, however, is a 3DS Max conversion done by Jetfreak-7 and rendered in Mental Ray. Logo design by me, and background consist of three stock images from shutterstock (#381303262) and fotolia (1: #94316546, 2:#75454217).

Star Trek: Theurgy functions solely as non-profit entertainment for writers where no economic gain is perceived by any of its members as a result of the available media. Star Trek, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, the Star Trek movies, etc. are © Copyright Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios.

Main Forum page: Star Trek: Theurgy

Star Trek: Theurgy is kind of a progressive novel, composed of large long-lasting story arcs that can go on through several Episodes, as well as the more common plots produced by character interaction. All of this is written cohesively by the writers, edited and corrected by the group and the Game Moderator to assure a consolidated storyline. Other terms for this kind of community are "sim" or "play-by-post/forum roleplaying". 

"What kind of writers are we looking for at Star Trek: Theurgy?"

We're looking for good, descriptive and creative writers that can handle English well. You should also know enough about the Star Trek Universe to be able to partake in creating intense, interesting storylines together with the other writers. We are a very literate group, with a minimum posting requirement of 200 words per post, and the commitment to the story is long-term. We have been running the story actively for five years, and we will continue for many years to come. Therefore, we are not interested in casual, brief commitments, but something that will last for many years.

"What's the nature of the story?"

Star Trek: Theurgy is a detailed, quite dark, story-driven and long-term roleplay and while it's rated 18+, it is not some shoe-horned excuse to write Star Trek smut scenes. If that's what you are looking for, you can look elsewhere since you'll be really disappointed.

It is not expected of any of our writers to detail the intimate relations of their characters with others, even if it's allowed. Several writers among us have an aversion to writing graphic sexual scenes, so if that's not what you care for, then that's no problem at all. The story revolves around a ship and a crew in dire straits, against impossible odds, and with a lot of intrigue and mystery to it. We just don't enforce limits on what you care to write, like explicit scenes of violence or intimacy, as long you adhere to our General Rules and all writers consent to the specific scene their characters are in.

"How do I join the story?"

This page should serve quite well for an answer, but it's recommended you contact the Game Moderator if you have any questions: Joining the Crew.

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An AWESOME ship indeed! I'd love to see her in action.
bomsteinam's avatar

Is she damaged???????
beautiful ship. What other ship classes is it inspired from? And what class is it(cruiser, battleship, etc.)?

Rant: BTW, just from the looks alone, this ship is probably in the class of a battleship or dreadnought. I hate it when ships like the Sovereign class are referred to as a battlecruiser class. The Sovereign class is more like a battleship class. Battlecruiser is between a cruiser and a battleship. They have less armor then a battleship to obtain more speed. Not a ship anyone would take against a battleship. HMS Hood and IJN Kirishima are fine examples of when a battlecruiser goes up against a battleship.
Auctor-Lucan's avatar
Thanks! It is indeed a dreadnought, a multi-vector dreadnought. Very astute. Here's the info on her:…
anno78's avatar
Amazng design!  I think I've fallen in love!

Is she the first of her class?
Auctor-Lucan's avatar
She is! And thank you.
anno78's avatar
You're welcome!

Could I use a Theurgy-class vessel alongside my ship, the Century-class USS Endeavour?
You'll be credited as the class' credited.

The Endeavour's tales start in 2410, and I can easily see the Theurgy-class as being a big part of the 25th Century Starfleet, in your universe, and mine!

I'll understand if you say no
Auctor-Lucan's avatar
Sorry, this ship is exclusive to Star Trek: Theurgy only. I have said no to others before to use it in any way or form, so I have to resort to the same answer here. Thank you for the consideration though! :)


Auctor Lucan
anno78's avatar
I completely understand.
AngelisGoodwen's avatar
Quite the elegant ship.  I'm a fan!
AngelisGoodwen's avatar
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