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USS Allegiant NX-80978

Overview | Manta-class Advanced Scout by Auctor-Lucan, visual art

AC-409 Mk III Valkyrie Federation Warp Fighter

Overview | Mk III Valkyrie Warp Fighter by Auctor-Lucan, visual art

KD-56 Gryphon Federation Warp Fighter

Stock | KD-56 Gryphon-class Warp Fighter by Auctor-Lucan, visual art

AC-477 Valravn Federation Warp Fighter

Overview AC-477 Valravn-class Warp Fighter by Auctor-Lucan, visual art

SS Sabine NX-59846

Overview | SS Sabine NX-59846 by Auctor-Lucan, visual art



NEW RECRUITMENT SEASON This is the DeviantArt profile page for Star Trek: Theurgy. Please see links below the trailer to find the actual sim.

None of my artwork is available for usage on any other sites/sims than Star Trek: Theurgy, nor will I do any commissions that lead to Copyright infringement against CBS/Paramount etc. All Star Trek: Theurgy artwork and models have been generated for non-profit fan usage.

The character images depicted herein are expressly for artistic purposes only. These are manipulated, or are otherwise known as 'fake' pieces of work. There is no intent or implication that these are the actual person's upon which the images are based off of, nor is there any implication that the individuals themselves have dressed in such costumes or behaved in any fashion depicted herein. These are transformative pieces of art for a clearly fictionalised portrayal of characters, not real individuals, and no claim is being made that these in any way relate to individuals they may resemble, and are both easily and reasonably recognised as such.

Star Trek: Theurgy functions solely as non-profit entertainment for writers where no economic gain is perceived by any of its members as a result of the available media. Star Trek, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: Prodigy, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the Star Trek movies, etc. are © Copyright Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios.

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The year is 2381. They have been betrayed. Outlawed and alienated by Starfleet Command. Yet in times of war and uncertainty, the persecuted must endure. Ready to answer the urgent call for truth, justice and freedom. They are that crew.

After returning to base in San Francisco after a long diplomatic mission to Romulus, it was due to pure happenstance that the crew of the USS Theurgy managed to pick up transmissions that detailed a horrifying change to Starfleet Command. The senior positions of Starfleet Command - Starfleet's operational authority - included the Commander in Chief, the Chief of Staff and the Chief of Starfleet Operations. These three individuals, along with an unknown number of others in the organisation, were revealed through the transmissions to be impersonators of the people they once were; replaced by an unknown enemy.

Before the truth came out, the crew's secretive efforts to meet this threat was compromised, and they had to flee Earth in order to save their own lives. The USS Theurgy was hunted by their former collective fleet - the pursuers merely following orders and whatever fabricated truth Command had given them. The Theurgy escaped after an enduring two months gruesome chase through the Alpha Quadrant. Yet the truth be their witness, they would restore Starfleet to the Federation and the President, and enlighten their fellow brothers and sisters in the fleet about the immediate danger they unknowingly were in by carrying out the orders of Starfleet Command. Yet the Theurgy also had to protect the truth they carried at all cost...

Our story develop at, wherever it might lead our crew...

Season 2 continues with the Episode "Cosmic Imperative". Read our joining information and make sure you understand the requirements in our General Rules. We are a very literate group, with a 200 words minimum posting requirement, and a minimum response time to all the threads you are active in within 10 days. Moreover, given the high number of female characters, only male character will be considered. Looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested in contributing to our story!


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nice upgrade to your page

Greeting fellow star trek fan

You have introduced a little-used concept in star trek: fighter planes. Small ships warps with one or two pilots, with weapons capable of destroying a large interstellar ship

This changes many things, from the design of the ships, the creation of defensive weapons and better force fields.

Also it is an internal mechanism so that the weapons of the fighters do not explode inside their ships-bases.

Very interesting ideas and wonderfuls draws!

Thanks again for the badge!