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The World Is Shaking And We're All Under Fire

By Auccultist
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hello i went overboard but i like it
I'm trying to get back into making illustrations :') I kinda like how this one came out-
it's the cult boi

it's a redraw!! From something just over 2 years old o:
Walk To Face The End by Auccultist
I don't usually use colours this bright :'D But I enjoyed making this so!
And I feel like I'm getting back into good shading habits again o:

Please do not trace/steal/repost/use this art/character(s) without permission!!
Art © Auccultist 
Character © Auccultist | FurAffinity | Picarto | Youtube
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© 2020 - 2021 Auccultist
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the world be like im LITERALLY shaking and crying rn
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They be floatin
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I've noticed that one of them looks like the cult symbol but rotated. Is the resemblance to eyes intentional?
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Daemel is the OC pictured here- he's the founder of the cult :'D
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You have improve so much!! :,DD the most I can ask for improve my arts skills is to come with the thing that you did 2 years ago, cause- wow you have improve so much and i dont think ill can do this one day, but lets PrAcTiSe xD
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Aa thank you so much!!
You'll get there dude!! Think of what you want to improve in your art and focus on changing it- you've already improved a lot since I first met you o:
You can do it!!
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Flipping back and forth from original to improvement is mind blowing. They look stronger, and much sharper in this and there is more of dramatic atmosphere here, as where the first one is more mystical kinda. It just looks so good oml
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Aa thank you so much!! ;w; I love looking at redraws hh
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Look at this beaut of a piece. ;o;

Even though Dae is a bast nast he still fits super well into these bright colors and I l o v e it-

I adore the shading in this-it looks so soft ;0;

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aa thank you so much!!
he's a bastard mans but its fine-
thank you aaaa
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S O B S 
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