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aaa it's finally done!! I spent a while on this :'D It felt like it really dragged though as I did it over like 5 days hhhh
this is the first time I've done a fighting scene in like years- I wanna try and get better at drawing character interaction o:

anyway there's a tiny bit of story behind this!! the boi on the left is Rhaum who I got from Meuyus recently o: The girlie on the right is Seraph ^^
Rhaum is a demon hunter and will do anything to extinguish a demon. Seraph is possessed by a small entity known as Etro. Sometimes killing the demon requires killing the demon's host too. 
Who wins this fight? Well- not saying yet .//eyes emoji
I have kinda an idea on how I can use this to continue both of their stories so I'll probably reveal more through drawings in the future!!

Please do not trace/steal/repost/use this art/character(s) without permission!!
Art © Arkeriel
Characters © Arkeriel | FurAffinity | Picarto | Youtube
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This is some AMAZING SHIZ-
Like HOLY- The angle, the perspective, the dynamics- EPIC JOB!!!
And I love how the grass/the trees look. So light for the eye ^^
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aAa thank you so much aa!!
:'D I was really worried about not being able to draw the grass right but I think it turned out okay haha I've never really known how to draw grass
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Grass can be a big bitch! XD
You never really know how to draw it! XD
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Exactly!! Haha
I kind of have a rough idea now though and how to improve it next time so :'D
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So full of movement and looks so EPIC!
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Aa thank you so much!!
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this does me the best type of heck <3
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Aaa big thankies!!
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Good shit my dude x3
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Fox emoji - cuddle  Why fight? 
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I love this!! The shading, expressions, time put into it and the background and scene! I really never could do this! My favorite part is def the expressions and background
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Aaaa thank you so much dude!!
I worked really hard on the background :'D It felt like it took so long
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