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T.U.F.F. Puppy REAL LIFE: SpringTime Love! :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 2 0
T.U.F.F. Puppy: Gigswick Kessles
Today, I enter the lab, and I find Keswick and Chubster's brain switcher on the wall. I curious as to why the two geniuses would invent something like that. Walking up to the two, I greeted the two aliens as usual. We talked about our plans for the day, and then I remembered a question I wanted to ask them.
"Keswick, Chubster?"
"Hm?" Keswick and his mute son/daughter turned their attention to me.
"Why do you have a brain switcher?"
"Well, we inv-veh-vented it, so agents can use it to walk in their p-puh-partners' shoes."
Chubster writes: Yes, when agents take each other's physical forms, they learn what it is like to be someone else for a day, and it causes them to bond with their partners.~
"Cool! Me and King should switch brains." I joked and picked up the brain switcher. "But I don't wanna be a lion, and I"m pretty sure he doesn't want to be a hyena!"
Keswick and Chubster snickered.
"Oh, you're r-ruh-right about that!"
Dudley then shows up.
The loud noise
:iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 2 0
Mature content
T.U.F.F Puppy REAL LIFE: Grooming and Appointments :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 1 4
Mature content
T.U.F.F. Puppy REAL LIFE: Love + Pain In The Air! :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 1 0
Mature content
T.U.F.F. Puppy REAL LIFE: Meet The Keswicks! :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 1 0
Mature content
T.U.F.F. Puppy: KeswickXTammy~A Night Of True Love :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 2 0
T.U.F.F. puppy REAL LIFE: Chubster! by AuBurneyTheHyena T.U.F.F. puppy REAL LIFE: Chubster! :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 2 0
Mature content
T.U.F.F. Puppy REAL LIFE: Adoptions + Bondings :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 1 0
T.U.F.F. Puppy REAL LIFE: GigglesTheHyena COLORED by AuBurneyTheHyena T.U.F.F. Puppy REAL LIFE: GigglesTheHyena COLORED :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 1 0 T.U.F.F. Puppy REAL LIFE: Keswick! by AuBurneyTheHyena T.U.F.F. Puppy REAL LIFE: Keswick! :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 3 0
T.U.F.F. Puppy: Sticking Together
Today was normal. Keswick and Chubster were in the lab, King and I were taking down bad guys, Dudley and Kitty were break, the Chief was doing private business in his office (*cough* romance novels *cough*), and Tammy was working at her desk. King and I later got back as Dudley and Kitty were getting ready to go. During break, I visit Keswick and Chubster's lab. Chubby was going to get a snack while Keswick was still working on an invention he and Chubs were doing.
"Sup, playa!" I greeted goofily with peace signs. "Watcha doing? Watcha doing?"
Keswick giggled in response. "Hello, Giggles. Chubster and I were working on this new ah-huh-hesive. It's d-duh-designed to stick permanantly."
"Cool! But what if that gets stuck on something or someone?" I asked.
"Well, there's only w-weh-one way to remove it, but it's t-tuh-top secret." Kes explained.
"Dang it! Now I wanna know!"
Chubby walks in and writes: You will find out eventually once we get this finished.~
"Okay." I said.
:iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 2 0
T.U.F.F. Puppy: Keswick Skull! II by AuBurneyTheHyena T.U.F.F. Puppy: Keswick Skull! II :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 1 0 T.U.F.F. Puppy: Keswick Fatherly Love! by AuBurneyTheHyena T.U.F.F. Puppy: Keswick Fatherly Love! :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 2 2 T.U.F.F. Puppy: Keswick Skull! by AuBurneyTheHyena T.U.F.F. Puppy: Keswick Skull! :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 3 0 Keswick from T.U.F.F. Puppy (MY DRAWING) by AuBurneyTheHyena Keswick from T.U.F.F. Puppy (MY DRAWING) :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 1 0 GigglesTheHyena  Cubs UNCOLORED by AuBurneyTheHyena GigglesTheHyena Cubs UNCOLORED :iconauburneythehyena:AuBurneyTheHyena 1 2


Never A Moment Alone by Zigwolf
Mature content
Never A Moment Alone :iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 36 29
Commission: Adalwulf by AltaGrin Commission: Adalwulf :iconaltagrin:AltaGrin 290 18 He's Got This by Zigwolf He's Got This :iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 32 25 Kitley Pupswell by Zigwolf Kitley Pupswell :iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 56 63 Mick and Shorty SanKez by Zigwolf Mick and Shorty SanKez :iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 40 32 Mr Kesbody and Nora Wakewick by Zigwolf Mr Kesbody and Nora Wakewick :iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 27 16 Sissy Keswick and Stanford Pineswick by Zigwolf Sissy Keswick and Stanford Pineswick :iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 32 47 Professor and Doctor Keswick by Zigwolf Professor and Doctor Keswick :iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 28 29 Stolen Topi - Collab by DemonsHeir Stolen Topi - Collab :icondemonsheir:DemonsHeir 17 3 mfw by DemonsHeir mfw :icondemonsheir:DemonsHeir 7 3 Hyena Comm by DemonsHeir Hyena Comm :icondemonsheir:DemonsHeir 13 5 sorry thats a root 66 by Agentjoe90 sorry thats a root 66 :iconagentjoe90:Agentjoe90 4 2
Mature content
Drunk Meswick :icongamerbro014:Gamerbro014 8 102
MESWICK IN A NUTSHELL by OverlordCarlen MESWICK IN A NUTSHELL :iconoverlordcarlen:OverlordCarlen 3 10 Pachycrocuta by DemonsHeir Pachycrocuta :icondemonsheir:DemonsHeir 13 1 1502320567638-37205569 by Dragonpony105 1502320567638-37205569 :icondragonpony105:Dragonpony105 2 3



At the dentist to get the five remaining g cavities filled in.
Well.. there's goes stressful Saturday.. I ended up doing more than I wanted.. Sunday, I will try to do less.. 
Today, the Saturday morning, I'm at my laziest. I'm gonna do nothing but play Dragons Den, later play Feral Heart, and I'll only leave my room to check on my little brother (to make sure he isn't doing anything stupid, of course), pee, and eat! No cleaning. No work. What about you guys?
My stomach is back to normal today. Unfortunately, I returned to a while day of torture by loud noises cause I have to have one earbud out, so I can hear the teacher, so I'm still tortured by the loud popping of binder rings, bumping of chairs, squeaking if doors, etc. 
Just found out I'm lactose intolerant. Clues: Feeling sick after eating cheese or drinking milk.

Today was the same but more symptoms happened! I started retching and went to the bathroom to throw up (in which I had to press on my stomach to do so). I had diarrhea first (and not in a funny way) and threw up afterwards. I drank water, tried to eat an oatmeal creme pie; BIG mistake! My stomach started hurting, and I had to leave class AGAIN for a few minutes to poop and throw up. This time, I saw that the stool was only half digested. I know, gross, but that's how bad it's gotten. This is the first that the whole situation has happened! Usually, on other days, I just feel nausea, bloat, desires to poop, and sometimes retch, but today was a bit crazy; I actually felt stomach pain this time. So yes, I know I'm lactose intolerant, and I may have to start drinking lactose-free milk.

In biology class, I learned that if you're lactose intolerant, it is because you're missing an enzyme called Lactase! Lactase is why you're able to digest and break down the sugars in lactose (I.e. you can drink milk, cheese, etc. Without feeling sick or having diarrhea). Without that lactase, we can no longer digest lactose sugars, and our bodies and up trying to get rid of it.
God damn weather! Now I can't even sleep because of the fishing tornado warning!
I don't know if I could do this anymore! I can't keep going through this stress! I know I have a roleplay addiction, but it's the only thing that calms me and helps me escape the stresses of the loud, stinky world of sensory torture I'm living in! But there's always a problem when I get on to roleplay with a friend. They either leave early at the start of roleplay, they don't show up, or something happens to their computer. Most of the time, when I get on early, NONE of my friends are on for Feral Heart, and for Dragons Den, some may be on, but they're ALWAYS AFK. Roleplay is the only thing I have to do on the weekends because there's nothing new on Netflix to watch, and even when I try to watch Netflix or YouTube videos, I run out of things to watch, and the noise from outside tortures me! I have to wear my earbuds all the time, so there's not much to do! I get bored easily playing videos games as I'm only by myself, and I can't go to see my RL friend anymore since my mother is working weekends now, and I have to keep my brother. Plus, my friend is all the way in another city, and I don't want to drive that loud, rumbly car on the weekends. Roleplaying is all I have on Fridays and Saturdays, and anything else I try just gets me bored! I know I seem desperate, and the roleplay friends I do have think I'm just begging, but that's BECAUSE I HAVE ANXIETY! I can't help that, and roleplaying is the only thing that calms me because if I get bored, it turns into depression! I always end up finding myself bored and lonely with no one to roleplay with, and I can't stand it anymore! I can't give up roleplaying altogether because it's an addiction that calms me down because I'm always stressed out! I can't resort to drinking or smoking because I. I'm only 19, and drinking will destroy my liver, and II. smoking will destroy my lungs, and I have ENOUGH problems! I just need help! A friend? Someone? Anyone!? I'm all alone here! Every site I get on is DEAD! I join, and I'm immediately all alone, even when I TRY. It just doesn't work! I'm losing my mind here!
Today was pretty okay... I had my doctor's and dentist appointment. I didn't get my other five cavities filled in cause we wouldn't have time, but I will get them filled in next time. Then I had a meal of one small packet of ramen noodles (the last one), a chow mein microwaveable, and two last pieces of sushi my mother gave me. It was sooo good! Despite being tortured by noises whenever I took out one of my earbuds, today wasn't so bad after all. It was just okay.

Right now, the bad part is me getting eaten up by bed bugs I can't see... 
I wish I could just stop waking up. Every day I wake up to is a bad day! I never have a good day! I knew in was cursed with bad luck, but no one believes me. It's just constant bad luck every day! 
Another bad day.. What's worse is THAT I'M BEING EATEN ALIVE! I can't stop itching all over at night, and I actually FEEL must being bitten all over! I don't are any bugs or any bite marks. I JUST FEEL CONSTANT ITCHING! I'm trying not to scratch long enough to type this post right now!
I finally had the guts to talk to my mother about how I felt. She made me realize that she was only hard on me as a child because I was her first and only child, and she panicked when I felt depressed. She also told me to stop comparing myself to my brother and that I was a good child compared to him (as he does not do his work or any chores). She also said that I've learned how to make my own decisions and that by being here, I was helping her. She says the only thing that hurts her is when I hate on myself. She says that the things I go through isn't bad luck; it's life. Now, I don't know. Maybe I can learn to love myself more ad I did when I learned that my problems over the years was just from not knowing I had autism. The problem ISN'T autism and sensory processing disorded. The problem was NOT KNOWING I had autism and sensory processing disorder. I didn't know I had anxiety until my autism diagnosis, but that explains me having sleepless nights, worrying about losojg one of my limbs (that worry came from learning about something called leprosy and amputation). OCD wasn't much of an issue as I kept that hidden, and it still isn't now that people know about it. Depression is the big issue. But now I feel happy again, knowing that my mother loves me truly, and that she was only hard on me because I was her only child before Frankie was born, and she gets scared of losing me. And that explains why I saw her pulling out, ready to leave the house, when I came back that night I for lost (of course, I was able to drive, so when she saw the car I was in pull up, she stopped and got out.) She was relieved that I stopped for directions. I just had to explain to her that I cpudlnt call her to tell her since my phone went dead. Anyway, I glad to know that I never made her life hard. I was happier to know that I am helping her! And as far as my dad being in the military, that could make the money problems easier as well as disability accommodations from the social security department making things easier.
Valentine's day is here, and normal I don't care but... This is a day of love. And sweets!

embedded_item1550181162347 by AuBurneyTheHyena
Teacher brought a real live horse skull for Equine Health and Management! Awesome!

embedded_item1549946353652 by AuBurneyTheHyena
Maybe I should stop posting? It's not like anyone's gonna see my art or stories, anyway.. I've gotten no comments, no greetings. Nothing. It's like no one's on deviantart anymore. Either that, or all my friends left their accounts idle??? It seems as I'm the only one who looks at my page or gallery now. Should I just leave deviantart? Do my posts really mean nothing? What site is everyone on nowadays? I bet nobody's gonna comment on this, either.
Did anyone else hear animals talk before? As a toddler, we were leaving, and I heard the cat day "Meow. Get out." I wasn't sure if the cat actually talked or not, but I heard it CLEARLY! I don't remember if I tried to tell my mother what Sam the cat said or if I just went with it, but I DO trmebet the cat actually saying that. Idk if I'm like Dr. Dolittle, or animals were hiding the fact that they could speak, but I KNOW I heard the cat day something, but I wasn't scared. I was surprised!
I'm gonna redo the Chubster drawing. The face looks cute, yes, but I don't like the position Chubster is sitting in.
Forgot to mention the claws and collar features

embedded_item1548978253506 by AuBurneyTheHyena
[ ] You don't like to wear pants
[ ] Thunder terrifies you
[ ] You are really hyper
[ ] You are easily amused
[/] Big words confuse you ((At times))
[ ] HYGEEGEE!!! ((I died laughing))
[x] You live with your mother ((I'm only in college))
[x] You act before you think
[x] There are a lot of things that you don't understand
[ ] You love hotdogs, meatballs and really any type of meat

[x] You love fish and birds (to chase/eat)
[ ] When you see the man/woman you like you go weak at the knees
[ ] You spend most days with an idiot
[/] You're pretty good-looking/sexy/hot (guys flirted with me in high school, but idk)
[ ] Wool interests you so much, especially balls of it
[x] When somebody annoys you, you let them know it - loudly ((I'm autistic AND have sensory processing disorder, so DUH!))
[ ] Due to somebody else's stupidity you're often injured
[ ] You're usually the first to figure something out
[ ] You're not very good at making food
[ ] You're the token filly/stallion

[x] You're really short ((5' OR 4'11"' ;~;.))
[/] You often speak in a loud voice ((with earplugs and to get people to listen or hear me)
[ ] You have a computer/video camera with you everywhere.
[/] You're incredibly accident prone ((I'm a klutz.))
[ ] Others look at you as their leader
[ ] You have trouble telling the time 
[ ] You're in the background when there's trouble but appear to take the glory
[ ] You often wonder if you're as good as you once were
[ ] You like to bowl
[ ] You're good at bowling

[x] People generally wonder what you are. (People think I'm weird cause I don't act normal, and people mistake me for a boy cause I got a haircut)
[x] You're the smartest of your group ((Im one of the smartest students in the class, I'm a stickler for grammar, and I'm a nerd about ANIMALS))
[/] You have a stutter ((My tongue gets tied in knots))
[/] You love to invent things. (I draw and made little creations when I was little. Nowadays, I built my guinea pig cage)
[/] You're pretty boring. ((My cousins said that one time because I'm more of a homebody))
[x] You wear glasses ((Nearsighted and lack of depth perception))
[ ] You like wearing labcoats 
[ ] You find it difficult talking to the opposite sex
[x] You feel underappreciated ((I feel people overestimate me))
[x] You make a pretty convincing villian ((I'm pretty mean when someone pisses me off, if I'm suffering from sensory overload, or if I'm just having bad luck. Plus, I can do a dark demon voice and roll my eyes up with an under bite. I scared the sh*t out of my friend. XD))

[ ] You have an unusual allergy
[ ] Your mother is at least half the reason you're insane 
[x] You like sharks (I love all animals 'cept insects. You know what you did.)
[ ] You find throwing people in the shark tank to be funny
[ ] Your mom freaks people out
[ ] You have a lisp 
[ ] You like to crossdress
[ ] You like telling others what you plan to do for the day
[ ] Your siblings never had it this hard
[ ] Your plans generally make little or no sense to others

[ ] You love to turn into other things 
[ ] You are good with disguises
[ ] You are abnormally lonely and would do anything to make friends with somebody. 
[ ] Bugs interest you 
[x] Sometimes you exclaim something halfway through a sentence ((I change subject through my sentences a LOT.))
[/] Others find you clingy or annoying
[ ] You have a signature outfit you're often/always seen in 
[x] You never want kids 
[x] You love glasses and any other form of eyewear ((I look better with glasses))
[x] You creep others out ((Yes ;~;.))

[ ] You'd give anything to be able to fly 
[ ] Others around you often ask stupid questions
[x] You're pretty intelligent, but not the most intelligent
[x] You're unique/one of a kind ((I'm a weirdo, and I love it. XD))
[ ] The ones you hang out with are a constant source of annoyance
[ ] You like to wear a monocle 
[x] You like making bad puns
[x] You love being one of a kind
[ ] You're completely surrounded by incompetent idiots

YAAAAAAAAY! KESWICK WINS WITH A 6.5! I'M MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! (who is an extraterrestrial animal! So cool!)


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AuBurney Tanice Tuckerson
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United States
I'm a fan of Nickelodeon's series, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and an animal lover! I also love Keswick from T.U.F.F. Puppy, and my OC created for the show (hopefully, for Butch Hartman to see) is Chubster, Keswick's clone and flesh and blood (well, acidic blood). I'm basically a nerd about animals, and I've been a fan of animal behavior, biology, anatomy, and even animal-like aliens (Keswick) since birth! Of course, T.U.F.F. Puppy didn't air until I was 11, but STILL! I've always loved animals, and I even draw them! Fanfictions are T.U.F.F. Puppy based, but they have Keswick as one of the stars of the story instead of Dudley and Kitty (because I'm a Keswick fan, of course. Hey, Keswick never gets as much attention!) My previous account, AuButneyT-Keswick has been hacked, and I lost everything. Hopefully, the hacker has been blocked, and this account will stay safe.



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