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more like, I'm kinda lazy when it comes to coloring, so I guess this is the fastes way I know...^w^
I hope this helps~
PS: I use Photoshop CS5, you can also do this in SAI :)
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Thanks buddy! Really helpful for newbie like me!
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That is really helpful for a newbie like me to photoshop painting...thx
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I get how you color, I just want to know how you get them into layers?
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what do you mean get them in layers? Base color and Shading color are on different  layers
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Yes..please tell how did you do that. It'll be so helpful to know 
LanceOlleyFrie's avatar
I mean the line art.
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wow this was the most helpful so far! I'm very beginning with ps :D thanks!
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This was great, thanks!
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Hi I can't clear the white background
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This is fabulously helpful!! God bless~~
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Thank you for this! It's gonna make life a lot easier!
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Woah...this seems almost tooo easy. Thanks.
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One thing I've been meaning to find out about layers....    what do the different layer functions do?  that is, 'multiply' 'normal'   etc....     Help?    =3
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maybe I should do a tutorial about that huh... XD
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Pretty epic! Thank you ^_^
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This will be really, really useful! Thank you! *O*
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thank you for this short cut style. I'm lazy too
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Great job :D I just have a question: what is that other 'layer' linked to the base colour layer and what did you use it for? Thank you!
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