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Misery's Funny To You by Aubrie1234 Misery's Funny To You :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 1 0 Sapphire and Jasper by Aubrie1234 Sapphire and Jasper :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 1 1 Bandom Sketches by Aubrie1234 Bandom Sketches :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 0 1 Negatrix by Aubrie1234 Negatrix :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 0 2
Well, not really, but how was I to get your attention otherwise? Anyway, I have a challenge for all of you! A while back, I found a picture on here by 1sthi1357 made of Dino TK, from my story, Of Dinos and Digimon. Last night, when I was looking at it again, it gave me an idea!
I am not a drawing person. I trace, but don't draw. Which is why I want to ask you guys if you could draw for me! Well, not for me, but from my stories on
This is what I mean: you draw things from my stories and post them on here, I'll mention them in the story they're from. There is no cost or prize, except maybe a Llama and my eternal happiness!
Here are the rules:
1. You MUST include my name in the description so I can find it and the name of the story it's from.
2. It doesn't have to be a good picture, it can be whatever. I want to see what you all can come up w
:iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 0 2
Moonlight Acting, Ch. 2
“So, you really don't remember anything?” Parker asked as Shaun ate the breakfast the older man had fixed for him. Parker had allowed Shaun to sleep while fixing him breakfast, knowing he was probably hungry. The smell had woken Shaun up before Parker had entered.
“Nope.” Shaun said, tearing through a strip of bacon, “I wish I did, though. Things feel different.”
“What do you mean?”
“Your voice sounds louder, I feel sore and have a headache, and I'm tearing through this bacon like paper.” Parker had to admit, he had a point. However, that didn't always point to the obvious conclusion, as he had learned from acting as Frank.
“You're taking this all in stride.” Parker commented. Shaun shrugged.
“Why shouldn't I?” he asked, “We may never see that weird wolf again, and I can handle this.” Parker gave him a sharp look.
“Then why did you ask me to stay?”
“To keep an eye on me.
:iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 1 1
Moonlight Acting, Ch. 1
“That was some good acting, Parker! Show me some tips?” Parker Stevenson rolled his eyes at Shaun Cassidy's words. They had just finished acting practice for the Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Mystery series and it was quite late at night, the moon high in the sky as they left. Parker acted as Frank Hardy, Shaun acted as Joe Hardy, and their co-star, Pamela Sue Martin, acted as Nancy Drew in the series, and Shaun was already famous for his music; tomorrow he was supposed to hold another concert at a nearby auditorium.
“Maybe later. Pamela was also pretty good too.” Shaun nodded.
“Yeah, she was.” he agreed, “And I need to rest for my concert tomorrow.” Parker smiled.
“Well, don't worry about it. I bet you'll do great. Remember, more people have been seeing your music since you started doing some of it on the show.”
“Just a perk of being an actor/singer, isn't it?” Shaun grinned.
“I guess, since I'm not the singer here
:iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 1 3
Fixing the Past
Fixing the Past
By: Aubrie1234
Elric sighed as he watched Tria and her friends fight in another tournament. He was glad that he had helped her stop Dr. Blackraven, but he was worried. Originally, he had come to the past for a completely different reason, but helped out when he shouldn't have. It did have the same effects, though, so time was still on course; except for one thing...
Before, in the Future:
A day before he had left for the past, he had been reading in his room when he had noticed something. His Toba (that his mother had given him) was looking at him strangely. She looked frightened.
“Is something wrong, Toba?” he had asked.
“Is it normal for h
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Exedra - Olorotitan by Aubrie1234 Exedra - Olorotitan :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 7 2 Clayf - Euoplocephalus by Aubrie1234 Clayf - Euoplocephalus :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 7 0 Lars Lion - Monoclonius by Aubrie1234 Lars Lion - Monoclonius :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 6 0 Frosch - Irritator by Aubrie1234 Frosch - Irritator :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 5 0 Oberus - Megaraptor by Aubrie1234 Oberus - Megaraptor :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 2 0 Apollonir - Tarbosaurus by Aubrie1234 Apollonir - Tarbosaurus :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 3 0 Maia - Maiasaura by Aubrie1234 Maia - Maiasaura :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 3 0 Leaf - Maiasaura by Aubrie1234 Leaf - Maiasaura :iconaubrie1234:Aubrie1234 3 0


LMR: Puzzle by Aduah LMR: Puzzle :iconaduah:Aduah 7 4 Allies Halloween cover by CarassiusVigorous Allies Halloween cover :iconcarassiusvigorous:CarassiusVigorous 19 0 GoF - Chapter 13 by HogwartsHorror GoF - Chapter 13 :iconhogwartshorror:HogwartsHorror 13 5 Doctor and Rose by HogwartsHorror Doctor and Rose :iconhogwartshorror:HogwartsHorror 5 1 Commissioned: The Mothman Prophecies by Colourbrand Commissioned: The Mothman Prophecies :iconcolourbrand:Colourbrand 37 39 Moon and Shark Investigations by Tutankhgeek Moon and Shark Investigations :icontutankhgeek:Tutankhgeek 4 5 Half Moon Investigations by Marlenesstamps Half Moon Investigations :iconmarlenesstamps:Marlenesstamps 4 1 Half Moon Investigation by WildCardF Half Moon Investigation :iconwildcardf:WildCardF 16 39 Better To Light A Candle by Can-Cat Better To Light A Candle :iconcan-cat:Can-Cat 15 15 Brother by MyChemWolf96 Brother :iconmychemwolf96:MyChemWolf96 3 0 COMIC REDRAW by MyChemWolf96 COMIC REDRAW :iconmychemwolf96:MyChemWolf96 3 0 Even More Party Poison by MyChemWolf96 Even More Party Poison :iconmychemwolf96:MyChemWolf96 3 0 Kobra Kid by MyChemWolf96 Kobra Kid :iconmychemwolf96:MyChemWolf96 3 0 Fun Ghoul  by MyChemWolf96 Fun Ghoul :iconmychemwolf96:MyChemWolf96 4 0 More Gerard by MyChemWolf96 More Gerard :iconmychemwolf96:MyChemWolf96 2 0 Jet Star by MyChemWolf96 Jet Star :iconmychemwolf96:MyChemWolf96 4 0


Misery's Funny To You
So, I'm working on a new story on AO3 called Insurgence (it's not been posted yet), but the basis of it is that it's a Bandom story mixed with DC, mainly Harley Quinn. I don't want to give too much more about it, but the picture above is something I had a friend do as fanart for it. As you can see, Gerard is dressed as Harley, and that's going to be significant in the story.
Sapphire and Jasper
So, this is the title page for one of my stories I have on and AO3. It's a crossover between Alex Rider and the Secret Saturdays. I asked a friend to make this for me because I lack in art skills, so I do not own this and do not take credit for it (except for the lettering). Not exactly how they look in their respective books/show, but it looks very good.
Bandom Sketches
I was bored in class and drew this the other day. Originally it was supposed to be a concept sketch of a hand and face, but it turned into a bandom sketch by the end. Enjoy!
A different version of the Omnitrix that allows its user to make the aliens go into a stronger, more evil form. Artwork for my AO3 crossover story, Synthetic Animals Like Me Never Have A Home. I got the idea for this story from artwork by Chocoreaper about the Thornitrix.


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