Event 5: Swap! (Jan 12 - Feb 12)
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Tired after the holidays? Seems as the world is upside down? Well, you are right! In AU-Art Universe things are now a little messy! Fox emoji - birthday
Natasha Romanoff is shooting Hawkeye's arrows, Ariel is trying on a glass slipper, Applejack’s element is now Generosity and Lapis Lazuli has become a fire gem~
But that’s not all of it - some of the characters are now exploring other dimensions. There’s Sailor Moon guarding the city with Ladybug’s Tikki earrings, and Marceline is trying on her Sailor suit!  
Remember those episodes where the characters’ powers got all messed up? This is what our fifth event is about  Pika La
Let the characters swap their abilities, elements or even species with each other. Or go even farther and make it a crossover swap with two or more fandoms!

Attention orange And one more note: we've been avoiding letting OCs in the albums (as we are not an OCs group, we are an AU group; and AU suggests a change of already existing canonic reality), but we've worked this question through: any of your OCs can take part in the events as long it's an AU for your story and it matches our event topic. Attention orange

In other words, dos: draw your water element OC as a fire element OC.
But please include some links to your previous arts/written fiction featuring them in the description  :check:

Wrong   Don'ts: submit your Pirate OC to a Pirate!AU or Other!AU folder  Wrong

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Event folder here  Fox emoji - hearts

Some inspiring works by wonderful artists:

Not-evil Ludo by Schizotypal-Sar by :iconschizotypal-sar:

Look who caught the cat! by LooknamTCN by :iconlooknamtcn:

Fire jack frost by TotoHiems by :icontotohiems:

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Let's be friends and create Universes together! .:Happy star:.
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mags-artsHobbyist Digital Artist
For those who are interested, I've written this short review on canonic swaps in MLP on tumblr: au-artuniverse.tumblr.com/post…
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Schizotypal-SarHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Thanks for showing my lil role swap Ludo pic as inspiring! 
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mags-artsHobbyist Digital Artist
^^ It is amazing) I also loved your Butterfly-Ludo drawing :heart: If you want, you can contribute both works into the event folder, we'd be happy to see them as part of the event - or any other work of yours on the topic ^^