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wow, is it possible i've been away for 5 mos?  and that i haven't made any non photographic art for roughly the same period?  the break's been good tho, i think.  sometimes a hiatus brings new clarity, or at least new inspiration...

to "christen" the new studio space (thanks to the Chicago Artists' Coalition's works on paper residency), i'm starting a new series of work on paper.  i was originally going to focus on tradition and femininity through silk and papermaking, but i think the pieces will also be about grace, mysteries, faith, hope, virtue, and the journey/process of Love.  

this new series is actually kind of a challenge to myself too as i will be laying my trust entirely on the process and instead of the cerebral, it will be about the visceral and the emotions.  we'll see how / where it goes.  please do comment on the work!

hope all's well!!

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finally putting the idea into words:

After switching mobile phones, I began taking photographs of people during my commute.  Originally, they were single, candid shots of faces that caught my attention.  Then I began noticing and capturing little things about these people – a look, the press of their lips – and a single photo turned into several, where the output often showed ordered lists of objects/events, with reoccurring elements (people/actions).  

Now, in the seconds and if I’m lucky, minutes, I have with these subjects, I shoot in sequences inspired by mathematics, keeping in mind the possibly infinite length of each sequence, whether there is a first or a final element, or neither; and whether subsequences could be made by deleting some of the elements without disturbing the relative positions of the remaining elements.  Sometimes, like the Fibonacci series, the elements in the sequences spiral out of control.  Other times, they are like Celtic spirals: orderly and predictable.  Either way, they represent continuous creation, growth and awareness: of the photographer and expanding outwardly of the world/events around her.

(to see the sequences, visit:

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2 min read
Yesterday, as I was telling one of my friends about the recently extinguished "torch" I had been lugging around for the last 10 years (the "what if"), it occurred to me that I've just been tying up emotional loose ends these last few months:  first a relationship that should've ended a long time ago finally did; then I found the 2 old friends with whom I've always regretted losing touch; i told my dad what i really thought about how he's living his life (well, existing really); pushed my friend under the water with what I may or may not have been feeling only to be shown what it really was or should be all about...  plus, realizing that i've succeeded or am succeeding in not taking on my parents' weaknesses.

Today, i seem to be feeling lighter.  maybe it's that relative lack of baggage.  it's almost like the slate has been wiped clean, and it's ready for new writings.

Can't wait to find out what's in store!!

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1 min read
ok, one thing i've always been very good at, is rechanneling: energies, feelings, etc.  so now, with that little "diversion" out of the system, i can focus on my new work.  this is good; this is what i really need to do anyway.

words of warning tho to those watching:  work (and possibly working obsessively) also means dumping your in box - let me apologize in advance.

it's going to be messy, but it's going to be good. i can feel it in my gut.  i'm still trusting my gut!


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they are funny things...

maybe the song was fate's way of making me say something, which in turn shall point you to the ramblings.

certainly i thought the church and the museum were signs - significant somehow that you had pointed them out to me, just as you had shown / reminded me of so many of the painters i used to love.

and looking back, had i allowed myself, if i were honest - the signs, they were there...

and in a way, it was appropriate that it was AiOP:Signs, and the moths were "Signs of Our Time"...

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