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finally putting the idea into words:

After switching mobile phones, I began taking photographs of people during my commute.  Originally, they were single, candid shots of faces that caught my attention.  Then I began noticing and capturing little things about these people – a look, the press of their lips – and a single photo turned into several, where the output often showed ordered lists of objects/events, with reoccurring elements (people/actions).  

Now, in the seconds and if I’m lucky, minutes, I have with these subjects, I shoot in sequences inspired by mathematics, keeping in mind the possibly infinite length of each sequence, whether there is a first or a final element, or neither; and whether subsequences could be made by deleting some of the elements without disturbing the relative positions of the remaining elements.  Sometimes, like the Fibonacci series, the elements in the sequences spiral out of control.  Other times, they are like Celtic spirals: orderly and predictable.  Either way, they represent continuous creation, growth and awareness: of the photographer and expanding outwardly of the world/events around her.

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