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Yesterday, as I was telling one of my friends about the recently extinguished "torch" I had been lugging around for the last 10 years (the "what if"), it occurred to me that I've just been tying up emotional loose ends these last few months:  first a relationship that should've ended a long time ago finally did; then I found the 2 old friends with whom I've always regretted losing touch; i told my dad what i really thought about how he's living his life (well, existing really); pushed my friend under the water with what I may or may not have been feeling only to be shown what it really was or should be all about...  plus, realizing that i've succeeded or am succeeding in not taking on my parents' weaknesses.

Today, i seem to be feeling lighter.  maybe it's that relative lack of baggage.  it's almost like the slate has been wiped clean, and it's ready for new writings.

Can't wait to find out what's in store!!

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Yay! Glad you're feeling lighter.