You liked the Marussia B2 ?

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From what I can see, yes. xD
Here is an incredible picture of that same car made by a friend of mine during a photoshoot there in Monaco...

I caught it on the road, he did much more better !
A new era by ZondaC12

Check it, fav it, and don't forget to visit his gallery, brillant car shot there :D
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ohhhhhhh shiiiiiii.....was looking at the specs of the car earlier. It had about 420hp which is kinda low for a car of that look as in need another 1000000hp the car looks HNNNNGGGG!
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I like the body, but I am quite disappointed by the car's performance. At 420hp I was expecting something much nearer to the 300kmh barrier.
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Merci msieur, plein de nouveaux amis! \o/
Attila-Le-Ain's avatar
Ahah, pas de quoi ;)
ZondaC12's avatar
+ de 1000 vue, fou pour moi, t'es un chef!
Attila-Le-Ain's avatar
Héhé, je suis puissant ici XD
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I faved that picture already :XD:

Like a BAWS! :rofl: :XD: :iconlikeabossplz:
Attila-Le-Ain's avatar
Ahah, you're the best \o/
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Wow. That car really does look like a TIE Fighter :D He's got a great gallery, what is it with all of you great car photographers, you all know each other!? :D Anyway, I Watched him, and faved like 1/3 of his gallery it seems like :D Thanks for the heads-up!
Attila-Le-Ain's avatar
Hehe thanks ;)
Well Loic is a friend of mine, we met on french forum, and we share the same passion^^

I also have some car photographers friends here, you're right :P
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Ah, I see :)

Yeah, it just seems like you know everyone who shoots exotics on here :D
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