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Spirit Tracks: lost puns

I was watching some clips of Zelda: Spirit Tracks when it occurred to me... here is Link, using this giant railcar-mounted GUN to blast wandering beasts off the track, while the oldest train joke EVER is going unutilized??*

So here we have Isaac Dripps, 1830s mechanical engineer and inventor of the locomotive COWCATCHER, bringing Hyrule kicking and screaming into the 19th Century. (*The joke, of course, is the cowcatcher itself, that big ol’ wooden plow, attached to early locomotives, that was theoretically intended to push cows and other largish animals off the tracks in the event of a train-beast collision. Of course, even when hit with this thing, the cow would die. And the train would probably wreck. But the PRINCIPLE was so good... (I suppose Link is probably justified in wanting to stick with the gun.))

(Mr. Dripps' wonderful invention can be seen here: [link])

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Well... the added set of leading wheels WOULD enhance stability.
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This is hilarious and so true!
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That's the Same thing happend to the John Bull
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Yesh.  The homage was intentional.
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That is why I like mah Rebecca better.
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It was more low-slung to the point where a cow would be too big to get under the locomotive.
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I truly have no idea what you are talking about. :noes:
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The one with all the wooden insulation.
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And high performance lubrication :iconweirdalplz:
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Looks like Link loves his train-cannon! Me: Cheer up Link :)
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Spirit Train: Now Link, tell me, Do I look a bit... American to you?
Link: "Hawp." (Translated: Perhaps... )
Spirit Train: Well, at least I hope Hyrule shouldn't be a bit WAAAY to American-ish, eh? Is it possible?
Link: "Hoof haffla, hanned nen dop" (Translated: Maybe, but Hyrule may almost be American-ish, but not always. )

(Link actually uses random sounds he makes, similar to the Zelda game series)

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The Spirit Engine looks better with the new cowcatcher after all. :)
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Haha, thanks. =D
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Cannon + cowactcher = really useful engine
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I like the way you think, son. :D
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Bad, idea, man! Bad idea! XD
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