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My contest!
Want to enter, but need help with learning how to do photomanipulation? These are links to photoshop tutorials which helped me a whole lot when I was starting out. :heart:
Dark Book Of Photoshop by subcity Hair Tutorial by jezebel

My First Ever Competition!

The theme of the competition is taken from a passage from the a story...

"In a haven, that she dreamt of as she slept through the slaying of the kings, there's a vast valley of gardens, forests and springs, and a silvery rock where this mermaid sits and sings..

..of beaded silk strings, gossamer wings and other pretty, fragile things."

There are so many ways to interpret it, and you may do as you like... You have a picture of an actual mermaid sitting on a rock surrounded by forests and a river.. or perhaps of a girl in a cold place dreaming of somewhere nice.. or a picture of girl wearing strings of pearls and dragonly wings in her hair.. or maybe a fairy who looks plain frail.. The possiblities are endless.

If you're curious as to the jist of the story itself, you can read about it here, but the theme of the contest is not the storyline.. it's about that passage and how you interpret it.


:bulletblue: Must be a new deviation That means submitted after Feb. 24th

:bulletblue: You must use one of my figure stock photos (either silas the little boy, or the girl)

:bulletblue: Make sure to read and follow my rules!

:bulletblue: Enter as much as you like, just remember that I prefer quality over quantity

:bulletblue: Any medium is allowed (manips, watercolours, culinary arts, etc. just make sure you use one of my stock photos in the picture or a reference that would be easy to see)

:bulletblue: Of course you can use other stock photos! Just remember to credit them all properly

:bulletblue: Note me with your entry (And please, please only send it once)

:bulletblue: Make sure in the description to say this is for my contest, and a link to this journal would be nice, but it's not required.

:bulletblue: My image does not have to be the focus of the image, just make sure i'm in there somewhere I can see, nor do you have to make me into something pretty, I could be a goblin for all I care, as long as it goes along with the theme.

(I think that's all for now, if I add more, I'll be sure to you guys know!)

:donut: PRIZES:cake:

:below:First Place:</u>:below:

:bulletblue: Three month subscription from me (DoNotAttempt)

:bulletblue: a print of your choice up to $17 from shardinite

:bulletblue: Three month subscription from cookiekitty

:new: :bulletgreen: jademacalla is offering a bracelet exactly like the one he's been wearing for many years (as seen in almost all his stock) as well as some sort of token (surprise), sent via RL mail.

:new: :bulletgreen: An exclusive stock pack from some girl named AttempteStock

:bulletblue: Bosshamster is offering a little bit of his undying love! (being a dear friend of mine, I can assure you it's worth it)

:bulletblue: Journal Features from DoNotAttempt chasing-butterflies cookiekitty Elora-Danen sweetcarlotta Twilights-Maiden JunkbyJen and cookiekitty-stock

Second Place

:bulletblue: a three month subscription from me

:bulletblue: Journal Features from DoNotAttempt chasing-butterflies sweetcarlotta cookiekitty Elora-Danen Twilights-Maiden JunkbyJen and cookiekitty-stock

Third Place:

:bulletblue: one month subscription from me

:bulletblue: Journal Features from DoNotAttempt chasing-butterflies cookiekitty Elora-Danen Twilights-Maiden JunkbyJen sweetcarlotta and cookiekitty-stock

That's all I have to offer as the offcial prizes, since I'm spending all my money I got for my birthday.. But other people have donated wonderful gifts so far and if you'd like to donate, just note me either here or at my main account I'd really appreciate donations, such as carrot toothpaste, a little wooden giraffe, a journal feature, whatever works for you. If you donate you can still enter, but if you win it's not required to award yourself the prize, but you still can if you want.


:dead: DEADLINE :dead:
APRIL 20th, 2006.
April, 7th, 2006 (My mum's birthday!) May be extended, I'm unsure at the moment..

I will decide the winners, along with some of my closer friends, I'll also ask some deviants that are close to me here on dA to help. This will be based on talent, technical skill, effort and creativity, it's not on how many page views, DDs or favourites someone has, but on what me and my closer aquaintences feel deserve to win.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And if I've left anything out, just let me know.
Have fun!

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oh nm i found it noww. ignore that last one.