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You can now use my stock in dA prints. Before offering an image as a print, be sure you spent time on it, and not just changed colours, contrast, etc. You also must follow my other rules.

Also, you must send me at least one copy of the print. It's something I ask in return for using my stock, as I put a lot of work into it for others to use. If you've just started selling prints, and cannot afford to send me one, note me (before you submit it as a print) and we'll come to an agreement.

When submitting an image with my stock to dA Prints, just link them to this journal and all will go smoothly.

I, Madelaine Arnaud, aka "attemptestock" hereby give permission for my stock images to be freely used in any and all dA Prints.

ATTN: If your interested in selling images with my stock somewhere other than dA Prints, you will need to get my permission first.


Thanks for reading,

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Hi, i want to add [link] with your stock as a print but i don't know how can i send you a copy of this....