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Name: Amanda, please don't call me that though...heh I really don't like my real name. My friends call me Manny though so I don't mind having people call me Manny. 
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I'm not feeling good at the moment, since I've gotten into a family fight recently, and that made me a bit depressed afterwards (so much that I cried in the shower ;-; ) . So I might not be active on DA that much because of that reason. If I don't post anything by April 2018, assume that I'm gonna deactivate my account soon. I'm sorry about this, but I hope that I'll be on again soon :)
~ Zoie
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I have realized that I haven't been that active on here but thAT DOESN'T MEAN IM DEAD GUYS DONT WORRY :D
It's just that I've been dealing through a lot of stuff lately BUT DONT GET WORRIED GUYS.
The reason why I'm posting this is because there's an art raffle going on right now and of course I'm posting this for tickets but that's not the only reason! I want you guys to do it too--//slapped
I might sound a little selfish, but I suggest that you guys join as well! Yeah I do sound selfish xD
I'm joining as well so yeah xD
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Bertholdt, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you have to be in this mess. But, its not my fault, isn't it? But I promise you: I'll come back to you somehow!!

(Kuromi's last words to Bertholdt, before parting ways)

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~ Pixel Rose Bullet - Red Biological Information Pixel Rose Bullet - Red  ~

Full name: Kuromi (last name not determined until further notice) (just like Levi xD)

Species: Human

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color:
Dark burgundy, sometimes dark red depending on the situation, mainly because of bloodlust


81 kg


Place of Birth:
Shinganshina District

Personality: She is noted as quiet during training. Everytime she enters the mess hall, she would either be with Bertholdt, Reiner, or Annie, even with Jean or Marco, or otherwise be alone by herself. When in the battle field, she is still quiet but active at the same time. Because of this behavior, she lacks leadership, and just like Bertholdt, tends to leave hard decisions to others. Some say that this is because of Bertholdt's influence on her.

Purple butterfly bullet Professional Status Purple butterfly bullet  ~

Trainee (former), Soldier (current)

Military Branch/Affiliation: 104th Cadet Corps (former), Scout Regiment (former)

Graduation Rank: 1st


~ Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet  Combat Stats Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet  ~

Combat: 11/10

Initiative: 8/10

Wits: 9/10

Teamwork: 2/10

Secrecy: 11/10

Solo Kill Count: At least 21

Team Kill Count: 1

Total Kill Count:
At least 21
(this is just an oc people don't rage on my OC plz ; - ;  Besides she had less kills than Levi--)

~ black heart bullet  Relationships black heart bullet  ~

Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert -
Kuromi knew that the three were very affected by the fact that Shinganshina District was breached, and she had the same dream as them. When Bertholdt and Reiner captured Eren, she went with them to confront Eren face-to-face. It was said that she wanted to team up with him at first, only so she could kill him on the spot. It was then told by Eren that he will do whatever he needs to do to make her bleed out all of the blood inside her, in short saying that he will do whatever it takes to kill her in the worst way possible. When both Mikasa and Armin rescued Eren, Mikasa saw that Kuromi had her eyes dark red, meaning that her bloodlust was active. Mikasa thought that her bloodlust sent a message to her: You and your friends will go to hell, along with me, Bertholdt and Annie.

Ymir - The two women had lot of trouble working together, seeing that Ymir was a little rough to Kuromi. Putting this into consideration, Ymir often called Kuromi a "Killer's Dream". Kuromi was well aware of this, and the two were always seen fighting. Before Kuromi escaped with Jean and the others, Kuromi apologized to Ymir for everything, since Kuromi recently got a vision determining the future, and it showed that Ymir's Jaws power will be transferred over to Marcel's brother, Porco Galliard (SPOILER ALERT PPL). That moment changed how Kuromi feels about Ymir (friendship-wise, not lesbian-wise ppl get it right everyone)(ok I'm sorry if I offended any yuri shippers I just don't want anyone to get the wrong idea ; - ; ) (but if you ppl start to ship YumiKuro or Kuromi x Ymir I will start going awol on you all because there is no chemistry in the ship yet :3)(heh I like how I made the ship name huuhuuhu).

Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover, and Annie Leonhart - Kuromi has been with the three for a long time, which is enough to show how much she cares about them. During their time as cadets, the four became good friends right away, maybe because Reiner trusts her for keeping their secrets. After knowing that Bertholdt is the Colossal Titan, Reiner is the Armored Titan, and that Annie is the Female Titan, she was shocked and promises to them that she'll keep their secret for as long as she lives. During the ordeal, she hesitated to join the Military Police with Annie, until she decided to be with Reiner and Bertholdt, since she knows that Annie will be showing up in the Expedition as a Titan. During the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, she was attached to the same squad as Bertholdt, since the Female Titan will be where Armin Arlert will be at. When Annie crystallized herself, Kuromi vowed to finish what Annie started, because every hellish start needs an even more hellish ending. When Bertholdt and Reiner revealed themselves as the Colossal and Armored Titan, and get injured by Mikasa, Kuromi then pushed her off the wall, and promised that she'll try to find a way to reunite with the traitors in the end.

Levi - When she joined the Scout Regiment, Kuromi almost regretted it, since she was one to hate Ackermans (i.e. Mikasa Ackerman), and she knew that he was one at first sight. The two never talked, and the two always fought, since Kuromi is one to mock him, since he was Humanity's Strongest. Usually during cleanup duty she would always slack off and make the place more dirty :lennyface: .

Jean Kirschtein (didigetthelastnameright), and Marco Bodt - It wasn't hard for Kuromi to know the two, although they never talked as much, since she's always with Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie. She was in the same squad as Jean, during the battle of Trost, and the Plan to Reclaim Trost District. After getting word that Marco has died, she made a silent apology to him, since she was the one that knew what happened to him. During the plan to recapture Eren, she escaped from the Titans that are about to eat Bertholdt and Reiner, and landed beside the injured Jean and Armin. Before Armin could say anything, she said that she's sorry for everything that has happened. She gently touched Jean's face, and, getting teary-eyed, said sorry for abandoning him. 
(I'll add more when Season 3 comes out :3 ...oh wtf I have to wait until 2k18 or maybe they'll delay it again D:< Well who knows maybe it'll never come out and maybe we all have to read the fucking manga like everyone else ;-; Trust me the only manga volume I read was Volume 12 and that was before episode 10 was released and then my sister started to buy manga volumes and tell me spoilers and I'll be like 'oh that's nice to know hey did you know that you just spoiled an important part of season 3 real good job now I already know what happens because of you and I won't be even surprised when something big happens in the anime because of you')

~  Pixel Rose Bullet - Red  Season 1 Headcanon History Pixel Rose Bullet - Red   ~

104th Training Corps Arc

Kuromi joined the 104th Cadet Corps with aspirations of joining the Military Police and living in the safety of the inner Wall, along with Bertholdt Hoover and Annie Leonhart. As part of the 104th, she was considered to be one of the best in regards to omni-directional mobility gear, enough so that Eren Jaeger came to her once for advice when he was dealing with faulty equipment, which she brushed off and just told him to do whatever he's told and just 'listen'.
After seeing Eren's determination and desire to join the Scout Regiment, she considered herself not strong enough to fight the Titans, knowing that fighting alone would be a reckless decision. However, Eren encouraged her to try to fight, adding that she's the best in the class, almost surpassing Mikasa even. Eventually, she graduated in the top ten of her class coming in at first place, ahead of one of the 104th's best, Mikasa Ackerman.

Battle of Trost Arc

When Armin, Mikasa, and Conny made it to the headquarters, with the help of the Mysterious Titan, Armin devised a plan to get rid of the Titans in the supply room. Kuromi, part of the second group, came in from the ceiling and killed her target in one blow. The mission was a success and after everyone resupplied, she and the rest of the group leave the headquarters.
On the way out, she joins Mikasa and others on a rooftop as they watch the rogue Titan being eaten by other Titans. Reiner suggests helping it out, which Kuromi agrees with, but ultimately it ends up not being necessary as the Titan fights his way out upon seeing the Titan that ate Thomas. Kuromi then predicts it's actually Eren Jaeger inside that Titan's body. When Armin disagreed, along with Mikasa, Kuromi says that it's obvious that the Titan's Eren just by looking at it. She then adds that the Titan reacted when it saw the Titan that killed Thomas, who was in the same squad as him, which is why she believes it's Eren. After the Rogue Titan kills it, the Titan collapses, and Kuromi is among the first people to learn of Eren's ability.
Post-Trost, Kuromi joins the Scout Regiment with Mikasa, Reiner Braun, Eren, Conny, Sasha Braus, Christa Lenz, Armin, Ymir, Jean Kirschtein, Bertholdt Hoover and a few others. Although before making the decision, she hesitated whether to join the Military Police with Annie to fulfill Marco's dream or join the Scout Regiment with Reiner, Bertholdt, and Jean.

   Female Titan Arc

Kuromi participates in the Scout Regiment's 57th exterior scouting mission into Titan territory, sticking close to her friend Bertholdt the whole time. The mission is fairly slow paced for her, killing every Titan that comes to her view, until she arrives at the Forest of Giant Trees with her group and is ordered to be on standby. She waits in the trees with her comrades so that they may stop any Titan from entering the forest where their superiors are, or in her case, kill the Titans immediately. After awhile of little events, a loud Titan scream can be heard from within the forest and several Titans begin to charge in, the scream coming from the Female Titan, which is what Kuromi says to Bertholdt. Kuromi is among the soldiers as they attempt to stop the Titans from entering.
After the Titans are gone beyond the soldiers watch point, Kuromi sees the smoke signal indicating the time for retreat. She regroups with her comrades and they head back to the walls. It was shown that Kuromi looked back at the forest, hesitating whether to go to the Female Titan. Upon re-entering the gate, the Scout Regiment receives comments and criticisms for their loss of life and lack of results. She tries to get off of her horse to try to attack them, just for Bertholdt to stop her, telling her to calm down.

~ Pixel Rose Bullet - Black  Season 2 Headcanon History Pixel Rose Bullet - Black  ~


Clash Of The Titans Arc

During the assault on Stohess District, several of the 104th Cadet Corps recruits including Kuromi are kept at an outpost in Wall Rose under suspicions of a Titan spy being among them. They are under the watch of Miche Zacharius and a number of Scout Regiment soldiers until further notice. While they wait inside, Sasha and Conny complain of boredom and mention that their villages are near by while Reiner and Bertholdt sit across from each other playing chess, with Kuromi keeping score. Reiner then expresses suspicions of their reason for staying in this location as they are unarmed despite the rest of the soldiers being fully equipped. Sasha then begins to shout about hearing foot steps but is brushed off briefly. She continues to shout until Nanaba stops at the window, opens it, and informs the 104th that several Titans were just spotted to the south of Wall Rose, saying that they must mount their horses quickly without gear as they are pressed for time. Nanaba then adds that Kuromi should get into her gear, ready for battle, which then Kuromi tries to reason with Nanaba that she's part of the 104th and that she's under suspicion. Nanaba says that she's confirmed as human and not a titan-shifter, like Annie and Eren, and because her skills are one way above experienced soldiers. Kuromi reluctantly obeys her order and immediately gets in gear. Before she began to tack up her horse, she hesitated to fight one of her superiors, then the soldiers move out with the goal of evacuating and informing citizens.
Miche asks if anyone is familiar with the area, and Sasha notes that both she and Conny know it. Asking to go to his village after leading the southern group, Conny accepts the task from Miche and is joined by Reiner, Bertholdt, and Kuromi for aid. During their escape, the Titans begin to sprint and start to catch up to the soldiers and their horses. Miche realizes this and takes charge to divert their focus and separates from the group so that they may escape. Watching him go, she tries to latch on to one of the Titans to help Miche, Bertholdt says that she shouldn't push herself too far, even if it's for his and her own sake. Putting this into realization, she breaks off into one of the four teams as they split up and leave.
After discovering Conny's village to be deserted, the Southern team meets up with Ymir and Christa's team, and they decide to take refuge for the night in Utgard Castle. At some point during the night, the castle comes under attack by Titans and the recruits are forced to defend the interior from the smaller Titans that have invaded. After Reiner takes off on his own to investigate, Kuromi and Bertholdt offers a strange observation of their friend's "bad habit" of risking himself for others. When a Titan manages to break through a stairwell door, they both come to Reiner's defense with a pitchfork and helps fight it off. While the two men reaffirm their promise to survive and return to their home together, she make a silent promise to herself that she also will return home as well.
After a second Titan manages to enter and injure Reiner, she helps both Bertholdt and Ymir by stabbing it so they could toss it out a window. Afterwards, Bertholdt begins to behave in a withdrawn manner and responds to questions about how Reiner was in the past with a strange comment about how Reiner has changed and is no longer a "warrior". However, he refuses to elaborate further on the subject. This makes Kuromi very concerned about him, although she looks like she knows about Reiner and Bertholdt more than anyone.
Eventually, their superiors are killed by the attacking Titans and the rookies are left defenseless, except for Kuromi, whom was about to use her maneuver gear. At that same time, Ymir reveals herself to be a Titan, using her powers to protect the others. Thanks to her efforts, along with Kuromi, and the timely arrive of Hange's soldiers, the rookies are saved.
The Scout Regiment takes stock of their injured on top of Wall Rose and when Eren sympathizes Reiner and Bertholdt about being driven out of their hometown, Bertholdt uses that to push Reiner to remember their desire to go back to their hometown. His cryptic words about how there is barely anything left to do cause Reiner to remember something, also causing Kuromi to attempt to stop him from saying anymore, just so she would be brushed off by her past. (or remember, idk how to word it  :p )
 When Reiner confesses to Eren that he and Bertholdt are the Armored and Colassal Titans and broke down the Wall five years ago to destroy humanity, Kuromi tries to stop Reiner from saying such things, but holds back. Bertholdt asks Reiner why he is revealing this, but Reiner ignores him, leaving Bertholdt clearly uneasy. When Eren refuses to go with them, Reiner tries to take him by force, but Mikasa intervenes, attacking both Bertholdt and Reiner. She nearly kills Bertholdt, but Kuromi saves him, vowing to Mikasa that she'll kill her one day, and both Bertholdt and Reiner use their injuries to turn into Titans.
Bertholdt remains anchored to the Wall with his ribs, keeping Kuromi safe, whom he caught while transforming. While he attacks the Scout Regiment, Kuromi joins in the attack and manages to injure a few Scouts. The Scouts attack both of the traitors in return, mostly trying to overwhelm Bertholdt due to the Colossal Titan's slower speed, but Bertholdt emits a blast of scalding steam, forcing them back. Kuromi, however, does get forced back, but is saved by Bertholdt, whom grabs her, and stays stationary.
When Bertholdt broke free, he starts plummeting on both Eren's and Reiner's Titans, but Kuromi stays in Bertholdt's grasp, knowing that he's one of the few people that she trusts. His Titan lands in an explosion of steam and hot air strong enough to push back even the soldiers still hanging on the Wall. This gives Reiner the opportunity to overpower Eren and bite him out of his Titan. Bertholdt emerges out of his own Titan voluntarily, carrying Ymir and now wearing the omni-directional mobility gear of the soldier he had swallowed. Kuromi emerges out as well, but appears badly injured. The two grapple on to Reiner's Titan and the three of them flee with Eren and Ymir.
Bertholdt, Reiner, and Kuromi take a break in a Forest of Giant Trees to rest until sunset, when ordinary Titans will become inactive. Eren regains consciousness during this time and begins arguing with Reiner. Kuromi draws out her blades, and faces Eren, ready to attack. But, however, she holds back and let her new comrades do all the talking. At one point Reiner becomes completely confused, concerning Bertholdt. When pressed by Ymir, Bertholdt admits that this is not the first time that Reiner has behaved this way. Ymir concludes that convincing himself that he is a soldier is how Reiner is able to live with himself, considering all the damage he has done as a warrior. Kuromi, even though she has been friends with Reiner for a long time, is shocked at such news.
While Reiner is upset from Ymir's analysis, Eren asks Bertholdt how he felt when he told them that his mother was eaten because a piece of the Wall he kicked landed on their house and she could not escape. Kuromi interferes their conversation, and draws out a blade, threatening Eren to stop his reckless behavior. Bertholdt confesses that he felt sorry for Eren, but Eren loses any sympathy he might have had for them.
Kuromi spots Scout Regiment signal flares sooner than expected and prepares to leave. Kuromi overhears Reiner and Bertholdt, Reiner telling Bertholdt that he should confess his feelings to Kuromi, after they bring Annie, Christa, and the "Coordinate" back to their hometown. This leaves Kuromi as flustered as Bertholdt was, but she continues preparing to leave nonetheless.
Reiner lets Kuromi subdue Eren while Bertholdt asks Ymir if she remembers who she ate to become a human again. Once Eren is secured, the group of them flee with Bertholdt carrying Ymir and Reiner carrying Eren, and Kuromi fleeing beside Bertholdt, but when Ymir sees the signal flares, she realizes that Christa is likely with the Scouts and asks to retrieve her. When Reiner says no, she begins interfering with Bertholdt's maneuvering and threatens to take Eren away from them and go back to the Scouts. This makes Kuromi angry and starts to draw out her blades, willing to kill her.
Without much choice, they wait at the edge of the forest for Ymir. When she returns, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan to escape and Bertholdt and Kuromi grapple on to his shoulder while carrying Eren. Despite their head start, several of their former comrades catch up to them on horseback and Bertholdt calls out for Reiner to protect him and Kuromi. The Armored Titan covers the front of his neck with his hands, providing a small sheltered space for Bertholdt and the captive Eren, but not Kuromi. Instead, she gets grabbed by Mikasa, and the two of the best women start clashing swords at each other.
Undeterred, Jean and Conny bang on Reiner's armor and remind Bertholdt of the times they shared together, even the mundane and silly moments like using Bertholdt's sleeping positions to predict the weather. When Kuromi heard Jean, she stopped fighting and went over to him, feeling like she should be on the good side, along with him. When they ask him if their friendship was a lie, Bertholdt breaks down and tells them that it was not. Nobody wants to kill people, but someone has to be the one to get blood on their hands. Kuromi feels concerned for him, but she agrees nonetheless, but she adds that deep inside, she doesn't want to kill people. Her only comrades that she trusts, namely Jean, Bertholdt, and Reiner, are the only ones keeping her sane. She clings on to Jean, crying on his shoulder, saying that she doesn't want to kill him, even if she is told to do so.
Their conversation is interrupted when Erwin leads a horde of Titans into Reiner.  The Armored Titan buckles beneath the swarm, forcing Reiner to remove his hands in order to break free and exposing Bertholdt and Eren to attack. Mikasa takes advance of the opportunity, but gets interfered by Kuromi, giving Bertholdt the opportunity to narrowly dodge her attempt to kill him. He asks Kuromi why save him and not stay by Jean, just like what she said. She said that it was her instinct that told her to save him, since she trusts him more. At that moment she remembered that she only joined the Scout Regiment to be beside Bertholdt, Reiner, and Jean.
Armin lands on the side of Reiner’s head and provokes Bertholdt by telling him than Annie is being tortured while he and Reiner are about to escape without her. Kuromi says that this is all a lie, knowing that she is inside the Titan crystal that she hardened herself in, but this is enough to enrage the normally passive Bertholdt and he turns to attack Armin, creating an opening for Erwin to cut Eren free and sever one of Bertholdt's grappling lines. Bertholdt falls, dangling from his one remaining line, and is unable to stop Eren from being taken away. Kuromi, outraged, tries to bring back Eren, but gets grabbed by Reiner, and placed on his head. Kuromi asks him if he doesn't care if they fail their mission, but Reiner replies with a slightly loud roar.
During Eren's escape, he strikes a particular Titan and screams.  The sound reverberates through Bertholdt and Reiner as the smaller Titans charge and devour the one Eren had faced. As they realize that Eren does indeed hold the Coordinate they are looking for, Eren's rage turns to them and he screams for them to get away. The Titans then turn to attack Bertholdt, Reiner, and Kuromi as well. The three are about to be overwhelmed, with Reiner being unable to protect Bertholdt, when Ymir comes back to aid them. Kuromi escapes from the Titans, and lands beside Armin and Jean. Armin frantically asks her why she chooses to stay on the good side, and she says it's for her own good, and that being bad is more harder than it looks. She then gently touches Jean face, and quietly says sorry for abandoning him, getting teary-eyed as well. With the rest of the remaining Scout Regiment soldiers, she retreats and they return to Trost District without anyone else getting hurt. Before she leaves them completely, she remembers one of her only moments with Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie. 

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U  Trivia  Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U  ~

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   Kuromi's the only character in Attack on Titan to have ever appeared only in the anime and not the official manga, and actually have a part in the series as a whole. (THIS IS FAKE PEOPLE DONT TAKE IT SRSLY. THERES A REASON WHY THERES OCS ALL OVER THE PLACE--)

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   Kuromi suffers from insomnia, which is a sleeping disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. This is shown when she and the Southern and Ymir's and Christa's team take refuge in Utgard Castle, where instead of falling asleep like everyone else, she stays awake and is seen reading an old book from the Castle.

 Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U  It was said that after Season 2 she decided to stay on the good side because she would rather be with Jean more than Bertholdt in the end. (idk if this should be on here or something  )

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   After meeting Levi and experiencing his technique of killing Titans, she used that same technique and, even though it's thought to be a reckless move, succeeded in doing so.

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   Although she appeared in the original anime, she did not appear in any other series that are within the AOT fandom, such as Attack on Titan: Junior High, and Chibi Theater: Fly Cadets, Fly!.

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   Even though she suffers from insomnia, Kuromi is shown to not be doing anything about it, but seeming to enjoy the disorder. This is shown when she wanted to kill the Titans outside in the night, to see if all Titans are inactive at night, and she also thought about taking a midnight walk some other time.

 Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U  Although they came from different places, Kuromi and Bertholdt seem to be childhood friends, because of their close relationship at the start, up to the point where the cadets, namely Miura, her sister, keep on teasing them on how much they love each other.

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   It is rumored by Levi that maybe Kuromi might be related to the Ackerman bloodline, due to her ethnicity and her great skill of killing Titans. (STILL FAKE--)

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   Unlike the recruits, who call Levi 'Squad Captain', or 'Lieutenant', Kuromi calls him just by his first name, sometimes calling him 'clean freak' during cleanup duty.

Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U   She hates it when people call her a copy of Levi, even though she got less kills than him.

 a̶l̶s̶o̶h̶e̶r̶c̶h̶a̶r̶a̶c̶t̶e̶rt̶h̶e̶m̶e̶is̶'̶K̶i̶c̶k̶M̶e̶'b̶y̶S̶l̶e̶e̶p̶i̶n̶g̶W̶i̶t̶h̶S̶i̶r̶e̶n̶s̶ (̶l̶i̶k̶e̶a̶l̶l̶o̶f̶t̶h̶e̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶c̶h̶a̶r̶a̶c̶t̶e̶r̶t̶h̶e̶m̶e̶s̶)

Notes from Creator: should I add songs from Miyano Mamoru or what because I don't want all her songs from Sleeping With Sirens besides I'm listening to 'Break a Road' you all should listen to it too XD also because Mamoru's voice is so smexy I cant take it (just like Rin huhuhu--) Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2]besides he's the voice behind Rin Matsuoka from Free!, Saruhiko Fushimi from K (aka K Project) and K: Return of Kings (I haven't watched the anime yet but I'm planning to xD Of course my favorite character will be Saruhiko becuz why not xD), Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV, and other characters that I don't remember xD Also I'm new to the BTS army can someone show me around the fandom-- Also I'll update this again when Season 3 comes out IN A FUCKING YEAR--

Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider 

Just fight. Fight for your life, fight even though you reached your limit, until you've broken. If you stop, even for just one minute, the enemy will find an advantage.

(Kuromi, strategizing)

Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider 

Name:  Kuromi Yumi

Summoner Level: 50

Arena Rank: Contender

Raid Credits: 2

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Current Squad: Roaring Beast Zekt (leader), Radiant Goddess Luna, Dragon Demon Barion, Zephu (besides he's the only unit to fill up the empty Cost points xD) Vexing Monarch Kira (friend) (I finally have a Kira friend I can use ayyy why summon him when I can just use a friend-- oh wait he just got UBB and he only has a few enhancements well shit I'm screwed ; - ; Only good thing is that he's fully imped pfft yeah right like that's gonna help me in anything xD)

Dragon Demon Barion, Blue Purity Fizz, Thunder Knight Fizz

Occupation: Summoner

Relative(s): Miura Yumi

Current Residence:
St. Lamia, St. Lamia Palace (She'll be going to Maxwell and beat the fuck out of her xD)(if I offended any of you I'm sorry that was intentional also I ship MaxwellxCardes just saying I am a dummy! La la la la  )

She is very shy and anti-social most of the time, although she communicates fine with her units and her younger sister, Miura Yumi. Whenever she's not in contact with her loved ones for a long period of time, she'll shut down, and try to kill herself with anything around her. She's suicidal, and gets nightmares of hanging herself. Although not mental, Kuromi has a habit of crying for no reason, almost everyday. Secretive, she has many secrets that she keeps, giving her many regrets.

Although she wasn't trained properly, she looks like she has proper knowledge of being a Summoner. Kuromi wasn't taught by her parents before-hand, since her parents were killed by bandits when she and Miura were young. Some theories as to why she had knowledge before-hand was that she's a fast learner, or she knew some of the basics because of experience. But the truth is that in her previous life, she was a powerful Summoner named Ruka Yumi, who was last seen fighting the Holy Emperor Karna Masta. Her Units, Algor Halcyon Selena, Frolic Emporer Kira, Glacier Twin-Blade Colt, Lance Champion Vernil, and Mythic Kulyuk, fought alongside her during the merciless battle. It appeared that Ruka fell in a coma in the aftermath of the battle, and it was rumored that Ruka was given another chance at life, but as another, less known Summoner. When Kuromi became a Summoner for the first time, she remembered some things of her as Ruka. Everytime she would remember, she would remember her best Units, Selena and Kira, and get teary-eyed. She summoned some of her Units, Selena and Felice. When she obtained them, she remembered them. From that day, Kuromi vowed that she'll explore both Grand Gaia and Ishgria, and finish what she left unfinished, and bring back her Units. It was said that she still needed to tell Kira something, that she's been keeping a secret for a long time.

~Star + Dangles Bullet (Black) - F2U! Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U!EXTRARose (Black) Bullet - F2U! Star + Dangles Bullet (Black) - F2U!~

black heart bullet  Likes: black heart bullet 

black heart bullet Going to the Arena

black heart bullet Her Units, especially Selena and Felice

black heart bullet Kira, one of her former Units (she want him too much Bullet; Black
OBullet; Black)

black heart bullet Summoning for Rare Units (she need her Units back ;-;)

black heart bullet Going on Quests and wasting her Energy (she wants to fight powerful enemies and waste Energy because why not people do that right? XD)

black heart bullet Violence

x Hates: x 

x Losing in a battle

x The morning (she's not a morning person, she's a night person)

x When her sister tries to be stronger than her just because her sister made more progress than her

x Summoners with weak Units (when she went on her first quest she tried to find Omni Units to use before she started the quest but she only found 2-4 star Units she got pissed a lot XD Always having them high expectations from people XD)

x Those Summoners that have 7 star promo Units (You know the ones you get for free :p)

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U!Trivia Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! 

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! Surprisingly, she gets a lot of friend requests that have 7-8 star leads, and when she sends friend requests to summoners

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! Occasionally, she thinks of life as a 'game'

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! She pretends to act okay around her sister

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! She is secretly jealous about her sister being ahead of her

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! H̶e̶r̶ c̶h̶a̶r̶a̶c̶t̶e̶r̶ t̶h̶e̶m̶e̶ i̶s̶ "̶N̶o̶v̶e̶m̶b̶e̶r̶"̶,̶ b̶y̶ S̶l̶e̶e̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ W̶i̶t̶h̶ S̶i̶r̶e̶n̶s̶ (̶o̶r̶ a̶n̶y̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ t̶h̶a̶t̶ i̶s̶ f̶r̶o̶m̶ t̶h̶e̶ '̶M̶a̶d̶n̶e̶s̶s̶'̶ a̶l̶b̶u̶m̶ f̶r̶o̶m̶ S̶l̶e̶e̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ W̶i̶t̶h̶ S̶i̶r̶e̶n̶s̶)̶

Notes from Creator: okay tbh it was fun making my oc because in my mind I wanted to have an oc to have a life that I wanted, someone that I could relate to, and so on. Also most of the info is based on my information in the Brave Frontier game so yeah just wanted to clear that up xD Also imo I think Kuromi's character theme might be any SWS song becuz Kellin is bae and Kellic is canon so yah Kellin Quinn .:Free To Use Emoticon:. ok I'll listen to SayWeCanFly music now becuz Braden is also bae and becuz I love his Between the Roses album xD Also I'll be updating this OC Profile the most becuz I'll be playing Brave Frontier a lot like a bitch so I'll be leveling up a lot and when I level up my energy will go up and when I have energy I waste it on story quests like a bitch xD So yeah expect a lot of updates from time to time :3 

idk what this is xD
So yeah just like what the title says lmao xD also I'm bad at making titles lmao xD
So yeah I was on the internet (like always xD) and of course I was looking up pictures of my bae (his name is Rin Matsuoka, from Free!) until I found some anime inspired outfits of him of course xD! So I thought 'maybe I could draw Kuromi using this' and of course I did xD
I wanted it to be just like in the picture but somewhere around the coloring I let my hand slip and there I went adding the choker, revamped the boots, added finger less gloves, all that emo shit xD But hey this is my oc I do whatever I want :p So apparently when I looked at the anime inspired outfit and my drawing I was like 'hell nah whatever Kuromi is wearing is nothing like in the picture wtf--'


Kuromi © Me
Outfit © this xD


Sketch time: 35 mins
Lineart time: 8 mins
Coloring time: 24 mins
Total time: 1 hr and 9 mins

Idk what to name this so I named it MVPs because it's true these players are actual MVPs in KHUx xD
So yeah there's Hikari, Prairie, Dark, and Peaches (from left to right)
Hikari is in my Party, and she's one of the few players that's caught up in the Story Quests (she's on Quest 645 I believe. I have to catch up I swear I'm on Quest 165 that's like 15% of the story in this game wtf--)
Prairie isn't in my Party but she got the most Lux in the game this week-- oh and if you guys don't know how the Lux ranking in the game works go to my other deviation, Hand Puppets, I believe, and read the description there. Idc if it's long :p
Dark is in my Party, and he's got the most power in the Party (I wanted to call it a squad but whatevrr :p )
And finally Peaches, she's in my Party and she got the most Lux in the Party. I swear the most Lux I got was 2,000,000 but she got 4,000,000. Why wasn't I there for the Raid bosses I will never know ; - ; . I know the iPods look fucked up it's just that I don't know how the colors work on those things xD
Also they're wearing the Mango Sweetie set that you get from the Coliseum coin thingeys that you get from participating in the Coliseum idk :p I know I'm a bad tutor 😂😂😂😂😂😭


Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross © Square Enix
Hikari © KHUx (for the character design)
Prairie © KHUx (for the character design)
Dark © KHUx (for the character design)
Peaches © KHUx (for the character design)


Sketch time: 1 hr and 20 mins (nani that long wtf--)
Lineart time: 22 mins
Color time: 50 mins
Total time: 2 hrs and 32 mins (I nEVER TOOK THAT LONG BEFORE WTF--)(I'm taking more time on mg drawings now wtf)

(I'll make another drawing of KHUx using the same outfit sets but with my character and the Party leader Longshot my bae = ̄ω ̄= I hope I don't fuck up like on my other drawings (; ̄ ^  ̄)Also my Party is full of op pros nani wtf but they're also a bunch of dorks too just like Sleeping With Sirens-- *le gasp* wHAT IF SOME OF THE PLAYERS ARE THE SLEEPING WITH SIRENS BAND MEMBERS OMFG--// no I must face reality I must stop making headcanons--)
Hello my fellow tomodachi ne~
No, I'm not making a raffle, but I'm joining one, since I get an extra ticket by sharing this in a journal xD (I think lmao xD) I was think of joining another one since those are really fun to do and the first one I joined I was in 1st and I was really happy •w•
Here's the link to the raffle:…
To those joining, good luck! Ganbatte! (Im sorry I'm just saying Japanese stuff like crazy lmao xD
Okay I'll go back to playing Brave Frontier someone has a Kira lead (Omni level omfg they have my dream boy ; - ; ) but no UBB eh that's sad ; - ; at least he has a SBB :)
Alright sayona--//no I have to stop xD
just trying out new pens dont mind me xD
So yeah as you can see I got these pens from Kinokuniya bookstore and since I'm a newbie at art I got three random ones that might be useful and those are the ones that I got xD. The third one in the picture is an eraseable pen and I just got that one for fun since I make so much mistakes when I write xD. I wanted to test them out before I went to sleep last night and of course I had to use my OC Kuromi (formally Ruka, will send out her OC Profile soon! lol not lmao xD) for this, just doodling away xD Let me know which one you like best-- oh wait that'll be hard they all look the same xD. And the logo on her shirt is supposed to be the SWS (Sleeping with Sirens) logo because my OC likes that band (like me xD) XD.

Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider 

Kuromi © attackontitanwriter6

Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider Divider 

Copic Multiliner SP 0.5 (the 1st pen)

Sketch time: 20 minutes
Lineart time: 3 minutes
Total time: 23 minutes

Pilot Precise V5 RT (the 2nd pen)

Sketch time: 13 minutes
Lineart time: 6 minutes
Total time: 19 minutes

Frixion Clicker 07 (the 3rd pen, the eraseable one xD)

Sketch time: 7 minutes
Lineart time: 4 minutes
Total time: 11 minutes

Total sketch time: 40 minutes
Total lineart time: 13 minutes
Total time overall: 53 minutes
(how come everytime I try to make art that is supposed to be suicidal it just looks potato nani wtf ; - ;)(I'm referencing to the third doodle lmao)
KHUx - Hand Puppets
So yeah I decided to draw again since I thought of a good ideas and that idea was THIS!
So yeah every time on Monday there would be this Union Ranking on Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross (formally Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X!) and it ranks all the players and rewards them based on how much Lux they got during the week. The only way to get Lux is to undertake Story Quests, Special Quests, Event Quests, Union Cross (that is, multi player), and challenges in the Colosseum (which you can unlock after completing Quest 139 or somewhere around there).
So yeah apparently Amaikon (the one on the right) was in my Party and got the most Lux (in the party xD) and ranked 5608th overall, having 16,526,084 Lux, while the top player, BLuU (the one on the left) ranked 1st, having 6,506,883,577 Lux. I mean wtf that's not possible even I can't do it and I play the game for almost the whole day ;-;
So yeah I thought that these two were total beasts in the game and I admired them and I thought 'huh maybe I should draw them together I mean it'll be perfect practice for me to draw boys also I have a good idea in my mind'. So I did the sketch and IT TOOK 45 FUCKING MINUTES WTF--
Also there might be a stain on one of the puppets becuz for some reason I was eating ramen and when I was drinking the soup I went overboard and some of it got on the paper and I was sad becuz I wanted it to be perfect ; - ; But tbh I wanted you guys to see it in person becuz it's better if you look at the actual thing ;p


Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross © Square Enix
Amaikon © KHUx (for the character design)
BLuU © KHUx (for the character design)


Sketch time: 40 minutes
Lineart time: 5 minutes (I'm trying out a new pen does it look good ;p)
Color time: 27 minutes (i wanted to pick put the right colors ; - ;)
Total time: 1 hour and 12 minutes (wOW wTF--)
no srsly wth is wrong with me ever since I got back on DA I haven't been doing anything it feels like fOREVER NOW--
oh also I checked out Free! yesterday and I finished the whole fucking first season yesterday and also rinharu (or is it harurin? lol) is canon along with harumako, harunagi, haru--//slapped
I'm still watching free eternal summer and I'll watch it over and over and over again--
Also Rin is bae--//slapped again
Also I hate Gou in free her voice is just so annoying oml--
Someone save me I'm drowning in hell rn
Also ReiBert week is about to started on Tumblr tomorrow idk if any of you are into aot or whatever so yeah I can't wait to like and reblog tomorrow--
goddamnit this turned into a sorry note to a shit rant when do I ever learn--
#lmao #lmaooooooooooooooooooooo #lmaowhatamidoing #lmaoqueenoftags #lmaoitsucks #lmaoooo #lmfao #lmaooooo #lmaorofl #lmaodatboat #shit rant #shitrant #shit #shitpost #shitposting_at_its_finest #shitposting #shitpost_i_guess #shitpost_kinda #shitposts #shitpostingatitsfinest #shitposting_lmao
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Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black 

So yeah, just like what the title says, I'm back from a looooooooong hiatus becuz I wasn't drawing as much and I was more of a writer and I REMEMBERED YOU GUYS! So what I'm gonna do is delete all of my deviations becuz. Um. They're cringey and I can't even look at them anymore. Also becuz I think I improved lol nope I haven't even. plus I started practicing drawing boys and I think I went overboard XD. lol jk I'm gonna keep them, it's like memories that I can look back to Bear Emoji-33 (Sad) [V2] . Besides I might do a Draw It Again meme with one of them, since I think I improved :). Oh and I think I changed a lot, and I mean a lot. At the start, I only cared about Brave Frontier and Love Live, and I found some other games as well (Game of Dice, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, and Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross). Now it's hard for me to keep track of all five of them, not to mention that I resetted my progress on Brave Frontier and Kingdom Hearts Onion Boy 6 . Just one of my many regrets in my life ;_;. I was so close to getting Kira's Omni Cry forever. And it's so hard to get the Six Pillars now, I need them already Kirito x Asuna (The End Hug) [V1].

Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black 

Alright I just can't keep rambling on about Brave Frontier, can I? So if I can't post one of my drawings on DA, I'll post a link to my drawing on Twitter, since I post it on there first :D Oh and also I'm not just listening to just Muse or NateWantsToBattle
, tbh I listen to Sleeping with Sirens (Kellin is bae okay ppl XD? Besides their new album will be released on September 22 so yah :d And I'm listeneing to their latest album Madness right now Fangirl) and SayWeCanFly because why not I like songs with feels Sweating a little... . Oh and I was looking through the comments on my profile and all the notes I was sent, and oh shit November started playing HERE COMES THE FEELZ-- wait this album is full of feelz why argue ;-; So yah I was reading the comments in all of my works and on my profile and tbh I got teary-eyed and thought 'oml I miss my folks already should I go back' and I thought 'oml yes I should' so yah there's that XD Aaaah it feels good to get that off my chest lol not. It still hurts inside and I mean a lot if you ask me ;-; Chisaki Crying Icon So yah maybe I'll post a lot of KHUx fanart because why not I like that game and I'm like one of the best when it comes to Lux in my Party-- OKAY NEVERMIND it's just that I got 880k Lux or something like that AND A FEW OF MY PARTY MEMBERS GOT LIKE 4,000,000 OR SOMETHING. I MEAN WTF. I need to do Raid bosses... naruto gif  Hashirama Senju

Alright guys that's all for now, at least I get to be on here again it's like home sweet home to me and I like that ;o; Oh yeah and I'm open for roleplay if you guys are interested in that kind of stuff, just note me if you're interested! Alright, bye guys!!

Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black  

(I'm sorry if the dividers bother you all I just like them XD Oh yeah and I'm gonna delete the OC info and add some new ones in so yeah be prepared from that kind of shit guys XD)

I have realized that I haven't been that active on here but thAT DOESN'T MEAN IM DEAD GUYS DONT WORRY :D
It's just that I've been dealing through a lot of stuff lately BUT DONT GET WORRIED GUYS.
The reason why I'm posting this is because there's an art raffle going on right now and of course I'm posting this for tickets but that's not the only reason! I want you guys to do it too--//slapped
I might sound a little selfish, but I suggest that you guys join as well! Yeah I do sound selfish xD
I'm joining as well so yeah xD
I'm too lazy to post more so yeah I hope this keeps me away from hiatus xD
*goes to eat more ramen noodles xD*

  • Listening to: Mamoru Miyano songs (/owo)/
  • Reading: stuff on tumblr XD
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XV
  • Eating: Ramen noodles XD
  • Drinking: water, lots of water XD


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United States
I'm not active rn but when I am I'm either on the internet liking stuff or I'm drawing to save myself from thinking of not existing anymore.
BUT ANYWAY I post stuff related to Love Live!, Game of Dice, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, or my OCs. Mostly my OCs xD
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