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Yelena by Caro-Oliveira
Devils by chris-gin

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(COMMISSION) Hot Potato by chris-gin
'see you soon, Eren.' by KalimiriArt
(Secant) Levi Ackerman X Reader AUAuthor's note: I wrote this fic out of whim while trying to regain my health TT I might post a fic about Smoker-san, since it is long overdue. Moreover, this Levi's fic might be a series (fuck, I wished I could finish it). My writing is way too crappy but I hope some of you find joy in this fic still. Secant (n.)is a line that intersects the curve at a minimum of two distinct points.‘If I get died and get reborn, what will you do?’I don’t know. To be frank, I had no idea what I would do if you died and it’s not because I never take you seriously as you would like to place it. But the mere thought of you dying in me……it scares me.I am still stuck in the day you died. It’s a film that my mind never forgets; it keeps rewinding and rewinding—taking me back to the start where I first met you. When falling in love with a mortal is a grave sin, but we never bothered to understand the consequences, much less than tried to even think about it. If falling in love with you is a great sin, then I would walk hell just for you.But I never reached hell, and neither are you.You kept being reincarnated in only gods know where. I kept spending my life span only looking for your shadow. Centuries have withered my hope, and your death took a part of me I just can’t rebuild. And within those years, I was never granted the chance to even see the tip of your hair, or even the hem of your dress.The only thing I received is a half-hearted realization. That in fact, love is something stupid and indeed, something I shouldn’t even dreaming about. For years and years, I kept wishing for something I can’t obtain, something that isn’t meant for me to take. How unfortunate it is, that in every lifetime we had, it has always been you.Maybe, some people are never meant to meet again, just like intersecting lines.But maybe, just maybe, I might… we might… Maybe, it wasn’t that hopeless?I bleed for poems and proses every night, calling for a love that was never been ours. If it’s for you, I will endure everything just to see you again. So please, wait for me and I shall find you, even if it means death.Waiting, almost impatiently, but still waiting.Please, find me.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////~“Tell me, what do you know about secants?”
Pieck Finger by Shawdycus
(Koi no yokan) Levi Ackerman X ReaderAuthor's Note: This is an old fic, okay? HAHAHAHAH Well, I can't write as of the moment but I'll soon work on it.Koi no yokanis the feeling of knowing that you will soon fall in love with the person you have just metThe morning breeze blew in to your face, reminding you that it was in fact time to wake up from your ephemeral dreams. It was Saturday morning, which in other realm could be called as 'rest day', but not on your world. Saturdays are just saturdays, and when you say Saturday, it is the day you are expected to finish the growing stockpile of school activities on your desk. After all, your deadlines happened to be twelve hours away. Is your school that strict? Maybe. But if you didn't beat your deadlines tonight, you'll be homeless by tomorrow. Without even bothering to at least wash your face or even brush your teeth, you make haste to your desk. Breakfast? No. Heck, if your mother figured that you weren't even half-done, you won't be getting any lunch. Universities are really a pain in the ass, but then you are quite lucky that your parents are half-willing to pay for it.Sadly, luck isn't in your side today. You noticed that you had fully consumed the stock of coupon bond papers, and you probably need another rim for your journal articles. So you put your hair in the messiest bun you had ever seen, and quickly gargle some mouthwash to at least resemble a human. As you run to the door after you snatched your purse in the cabinet, you swore you heard your mom said something, but you didn't bother to return.Ten minutes later, you reached the bookstore and with a flick of your wrist, you dropped the rim of white paper to the counter. But as you fished your wallet from your pocket, you quickly notice how light it was. Much to your chagrin, your suspicions were right. The wallet had no money, and that's what probably your mother is trying to tell you before your sprint like a maniac. Annoyed and embarrassed, you checked your pockets while trying to mumble apologies under your breath. Defeated. You apologized to the cashier and told her that you'll return immediately to which she only responded by a smile. You are a loyal customer after all, and maybe she remembered you.As your fingers touch the doorknob, a rough voice came to your ears saying "Catch." To your surprise, a man in his early twenties just threw casually the same rim of coupon bond paper you left in the counter. You were about to mutter your most ecstatic gratitude when he beat you to it."Just returning the favor." "Wha--" You were once again caught off guard when he turned his back to you as he picked up the book he just bought. A smile left your lips when you read the title, "The Great Gatsby". It's one of your favorite classics. Still, you are quite bewildered both by the man's actions and words. But as he gently brushed his hair before passing you, you felt like your whole world is shifting into something more troublesome, uncertain and largely different. Then, you didn't pay much attention to it. Because, right now you just a college girl who's quite thankful for man's charity. And right now, he was just a man you happened to offer an handkerchief when a woman accidentally spilled her coffee to his shirt. And by now, you are nothing but strangers connected by works of kindness. Both unbeknownst to each, how the next mornings from your twenty-six and twenty-eight selves will be spent next to each other.But as he gently turn back to your direction before reading his book, you'll realize, it was not that impossible and far. And maybe, worth the wait. But as Levi traced the first moment he met you, he already knew, deep in his bones, maybe it is not that bad to have you for the rest of his life. I own nothing except the story. XXX...
Mikasa Ackermen by Lepart
Attack on Titan Cosplay
Attack on Titan by SorelAmy
Bertholdt Hoover - Cosplay Edit by LSPcosplay
Attack on Titan: Zeke Yeager Cos-Test by LSPcosplay
Attack on Titan: Floch Forster Cosplay by LSPcosplay
Attack on Art
Attack on Titan / Willy Tybur by nurumayu35
Untitled by EOLN
reiner braun by wankstain101
Levi Cleaning Time by Beelthand
[SnK/AoT] Giselle's Backstory Ep- 5 by milkcupie
Attack on Pictures
L E V I - (Screenshot redraw) by TheTigressFlavy
Erwin Smith by LanaArts
Reiner Braun by LanaArts
Random Funny Stuff
!SPOILER ALERT! - Levi vs Zeke (comic) by TheTigressFlavy
Crank that military difficulty to hard by MichaelJordy
Bruh, Amon can turn himself into a titan by MichaelJordy
A stinky heel turn against potatoes by MichaelJordy
SnK Cosplay 2
day off by FerenczyCZ
Eren (Attack on Titan) - Bite by Snowblind-Cosplay
Eren (Attack on Titan) - Ereri Nostalgic by Snowblind-Cosplay
Art replication by Highwinds2C
Attack on Art 2
!!SPOILER ALERT!! - Mikasa (chapter 139 - redraw) by TheTigressFlavy
Attack on Titan / Dedicate your heart 2 by nurumayu35
Attack on Titan / Dedicate your heart 1 by nurumayu35
Attack on Titan / Zeke Eren Armin by nurumayu35
Attack on Pictures 2
[FOR SALE] Official SNK FINAL S4 Event Merchandise by xXBeatoUshiromiyaXx
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birthday gift by VaniJack
Original Character OC
Family Ackerman ~ Levissy and Hope by GlacieArts
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Conventions 2
SNK x Mission Impossible chapter 1 part 1 by Starheart0202


Keep Moving Forward... To Freedom by Shawdycus Keep Moving Forward... To Freedom :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 38 3 The Armored Titan by Shawdycus The Armored Titan :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 17 3 Mikasa by melessking
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Mikasa :iconmelessking:melessking 26 0
Pieck Finger by Shawdycus Pieck Finger :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 32 3 At the beach by Za-tsun At the beach :iconza-tsun:Za-tsun 19 0 104th squad having fun by Za-tsun 104th squad having fun :iconza-tsun:Za-tsun 8 0 Reiner just wants to rest by Shawdycus Reiner just wants to rest :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 11 2 Sasha Blouse Tribute by Shawdycus Sasha Blouse Tribute :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 31 3 The Warhammer Titan by Shawdycus The Warhammer Titan :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 17 2 The Colossal Titan by Shawdycus The Colossal Titan :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 30 3 Mikasa Ackerman by Shawdycus Mikasa Ackerman :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 26 3 Eren Yeager by Shawdycus Eren Yeager :iconshawdycus:Shawdycus 36 3 Levi's New Year  by nicoliputski Levi's New Year :iconnicoliputski:nicoliputski 2 0 Levi Ackerman by nicoliputski Levi Ackerman :iconnicoliputski:nicoliputski 14 0 Levi Heichou by nicoliputski Levi Heichou :iconnicoliputski:nicoliputski 17 2 Heichou Working-out by nicoliputski Heichou Working-out :iconnicoliputski:nicoliputski 9 1


:iconi-hate-petra-ral: I-HATE-Petra-Ral :iconsnkxreader: SNKxReader Welcome, soldiers! :icontheartoffanart: TheArtOfFanart The stairway to success! :iconelvinawolfe-fans: ElvinaWolfe-Fans Heavily needs reupdated- :icondimension-w: Dimension-W :iconpetraral-fc: PetraRal-FC For Petra fans!! :iconthe-fandom-freaks: The-FaNDoM-FrEAkS All The Fandoms!!!!!! :iconattackoncouples: AttackOnCouples Where all couples are welcome :iconannie-leonhardt-club: Annie-Leonhardt-Club This is where my bet begins! :iconcorporal-norie-fans: Corporal-Norie-fans :iconallaroundanimeart: AllAroundAnimeArt ***INACTIVE GROUP*** :iconthe-worldof-anime: The-WorldOf-Anime :iconanime-forte: Anime-Forte Share Animu art! :D :iconsatsukikiryuinfans: SatsukiKiryuinFans Kill la Kill :iconuniverse-artworks: Universe-Artworks .:INDEFINITE IN THE ART GALAXY:. :iconlevis-squad: Levis-Squad Captain Levi FTW! :icongogo-anime-fan-club: GoGo-Anime-Fan-Club The Anime Kingdom :iconattack-on-inserts: Attack-on-inserts I will terminate them all. :iconfanimefunforever: FanimeFunForever Fanime Fun For Everyone! :iconmangabymagazine: MangabyMagazine :iconanime-otaku-fc: Anime-Otaku-FC OTAKU FOREVER! :iconauruobxpetrar-fc: AuruoBxPetraR-FC Auruo x Petra Bossard Fan Club :iconthugtrio-fc: ThugTrio-FC A choice with no regret :iconworldtrigger: WorldTrigger Trigger On! :iconall-the-xreaders: All-The-xReaders A paradise for any reader! :iconterra--formars: Terra--Formars Terra Formars :iconspringles-fc: Springles-FC Sasha x Connie :iconseraphoftheend: SeraphOfTheEnd Also called Owari no Seraph :iconanime-is-fabulous: Anime-Is-FABULOUS Welcome fellow geeks and freaks! :iconleviholic: Leviholic H-HEICHOU?




Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this group in forever, I just don't use dA as much anymore as I'm mainly focusing on my own cosplay stuff. Feel free to follow me if you like! Links are on my profile. :3 (Mostly active on Instagram)

Now that that's out of the way, what do you guys think of the new season of SNK so far? Personally I think it's pretty good although I've only watched the first episode of it but I'm about to binge watch everything up until the current episode.

Hope to update here again sometime!
Also thank you all for joining this group and sharing your art with each other, it really means a lot! c:
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